The Need for Residential Energy Efficiency Professionals, Specifically Certified HERS Raters, Grows Nationally

Sharla Holding RESNET Awards

Sharla Riead Holding RESNET Awards

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One million new jobs will be created under President Biden's sustainable plans and certified residential energy HERS raters are urgently needed now!

Online on-demand training for certified HERS raters now available from the EnergySmart Institute for less than one thousand dollars. Start a new in-demand career today!”
— Sharla Riead, Award Winning Instructor
KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, January 27, 2021 / -- President Biden will soon roll out stimulus funds to upgrade the energy efficiency of housing across America. Certified Home Energy Raters (HERS* Raters) will be in great demand to provide testing, evaluation, and recommendations to homeowners as well as developers of multifamily residential buildings.

In order to implement the upgrading and weatherizing of two million homes included under President Biden’s plan, a cadre of certified Home Energy Raters will be required. Certified Home Energy Raters, also known as “HERS*” raters, will inspect and certify this significant number of homes using a Home Energy Rating System developed by the national mortgage industry using ANSI** Standards.

The quality of the work performed by HERS Raters is overseen by nationally accredited quality assurance providers. This system of investment-grade energy evaluation and oversight is recognized by the government and by private lenders and investors. HERS Raters are certified through a rigorous curriculum of training, testing, practice, mentoring, and apprenticeship.

For a limited time the fully accredited online on-demand certified HERS Rater course is available now from the EnergySmart Institute for only $995, a discount of $300. Learn about building science, heating and cooling equipment, healthy ventilation, renewable clean energy systems, and more. Certified HERS raters are qualified to work in all 50 states plus USA protectorates and territories such as Guam, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.

Certified HERS raters are able to set their own schedules and work either full or part-time. Excellent career potential is available since saving energy and money while also helping the environment will continue to be important work no matter who is in office. Certified HERS raters are qualified to:

• Approve Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Tax Credits and Incentives
• Provide testing and verification services for energy code compliance inspections
• Approve and certify residences under national energy efficiency programs
• Approve and certify residences under national green/sustainable programs
• Qualify homes to receive benefits through lucrative energy mortgage programs (See video)

EnergySmart Institute is an award-winning accredited training providership that offers the latest information through their online on-demand courses.

*HERS - Home Energy Rating Systems
**ANSI - American National Standards Institute

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