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Smart Data logger, DGTrak™, Driving Efficiency

By not only providing standard data, but also adding system insights and optimization, smart data loggers are a fantastic money-saving tool for all industries

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA, January 25, 2021 / -- Data Logging, a vital necessity in manufacturing and retail industries, involves the recording of vital parameters at regular time intervals. Examples of parameters that are monitored are temperature, pressure, light intensity, fluid flow to name a few. The practice originated with human taking readings of parameters that need monitoring at time intervals and logging it on a form, which was then dutifully filed for record-keeping. If anomalies were detected, an alert was raised, and the problem rectified, albeit not in real time.

Lowecost, smaller portable footprints of computing devices and wireless data transmission, has put the “Smart” into data logging, increasing the sampling frequency to almost continuous and recorded in digital format. Imagine the glee of statisticians to be able to analyze all this data and look for patterns that can corroborate the normal operation of the system, create trend analysis curves to predict imminent failure or the systems need for service.

The digital transformation is in the early adopter phase, and as industries understand that the capital cost of adoption is low, the savings are high and the predictive value of the analytics, the adoption of Smart Data Logging will explode exponentially. Are you among those that are sitting on the fence?

Questions that have been asked and successfully answered– I have a bakery, why would I need Smart Data Logging?

Answer: To produce consistent, repeatable baked goods the dough has to rise in a controlled temperature and humidity setting. The icing has to be maintained at the right temperature to avoid spoilage and pliability. Making a couple of loaves of bread or a pizza pie, may not require the most stringent control, however when it is a product line, it does matter. Temperature, humidity controls ensure the yeast has the optimal yield. Once out of the oven, the baked goods require temperature control to avoid bacterial and fungal attacks, and the optimal temperature to motivate a customer to prioritize buying the quality product.

I have a cold storage – I just set the temperature and forget about it. How does this help me?
Answer: It helps in the following areas
1) Operating cost – Businesses strive to increase profitability. Dirty filters, Open doors, inefficient compressors, etc. will result in a higher operating cost. Simple maintenance at the right time (determined by the analytics from Smart Data logging) or the drastic step of replacing inefficient systems will reduce the operating cost.
2) Resolving catastrophic failures, with an alert that the system has failed or in at the brink of failure, ensures steps can be taken to remedy the problem before the goods stored in the temperature-controlled environment spoil and become garbage – a loss that most would seek to avoid.
3) Digital Governance and traceability – Having a trace of what temperature the goods were stored in the cold storage during the storage period. If you are offering cold storage as a service, a customer wants to know this, and you earn a premium for the service. Even more value is having the customer see the live monitoring report that lets them know that “All is well” .

What does it take to adopt Smart Data logging?
1) Identify what parameter(s) needs to be logged.
2) Use digital sensors that will record the data digitally and transmit it to the data collector.
3) Use pre-defined calculations for trend analysis.
4) Monitor, Manage and Maintain the entire system from the palm of your hand.
That’s it! In most cases the ROI is within a few months, after that you are just saving $$money$$

Tell me more about Smart Data Loggers.
Simply put, a Smart Data Logger is a data base that receives the parameter(s) to be monitored and stores them in a database. Most Smart Data Loggers – are hosted in the cloud. Why? You ask. Because it removes the need of having someone maintain the computing devices and makes access to the information on any device that is internet enabled, anywhere in the world.

Is it safe? Competent providers have a check-list of security steps that ensure only you or your designates have access to the data, and all actions are logged for analysis if needed. If one does not wish to avail of the cloud services, one can have it hosted on a computing device “on premises”

Personalizing of the portal and interface.
To give your customers the feeling that the solution is one that you are heavily invested in, products like DGTrak™ offer white labelling options at a very affordable cost. Ask for a proposal, you will be surprised how affordable this is.

With their Smart Data Logger DGTrak™ and IBSmart Sensors, Ideabytes® has succeeded in simplifying the digital transformation process for industries. One can monitor a single parameter, or a slew of parameters. This data is then analyzed and preemptively alert management as to when the system will need maintenance, or if something in the how much will you finish by then?
system isn’t running at an optimal level. The power to remotely Monitor, Manage and Maintain, is an amazing money saving opportunity for business owners, as it is almost always cheaper to keep a system running optimally than it is to have the system breakdown on you and need repairs. Additionally, a Smart Data Logger like DGTrak™ will also help to find new efficiencies in the system, which will reduce overall operational cost.

By not only providing the standard data, but also adding in additional system insights and optimization, smart data loggers are a fantastic money-saving tool for all industries whether it is a factory, a storage area or a transportation unit. The combination of IBSmart Sensors and a Smart Data Logger like DGTrak™ can save companies hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, by both alerting management in real time to any fluctuations in the parameters being monitored, and maintaining the system for optimal performance.

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