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Digital Transformation ensures HAZMAT Compliance

In the logistics of “HAZMAT” or “Dangerous Goods”, solutions like DGDox™ are transforming the ways of working to a digital age.

OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA, January 25, 2021 / -- Digital Transformation is penetrating traditional industries, bringing cost savings, efficiency and compliance to processes. In the logistics of “HAZMAT” or “Dangerous Goods”, solutions like DGDox™ are transforming the ways of working to a digital age as the manufacturers, 3PL’s and carriers prepare and manage dangerous goods for shipping.

Companies using the traditional reference to the Regulations such as IATA, IMDG, ADR, 49 CFR and TDG have departments focused on HAZMAT, with specialists and volumes of regulations that one has to be able to decode correctly. Employee churn in the department is a headache for management as supply of specialists in the area, far exceed demand.

Embracing Digital Transformation in processing HAZMAT, is a game changer. No longer does one have to have the dog-eared regulations at hand, nor does it require a select few to be tasked with handling the logistics of HAZMAT, nor does it require a lengthy onboarding process of new employees.

Businesses have to be profitable to survive and competing means reducing cost. The easiest way to reduce cost is to become more efficient. Question: how long would it take to take 1,000 LCL HAZMAT loads segregate them for approval of the transit and destination ports? Manually done, probably a week. With digital transforming solutions like DGVFF™, less than 15 minutes. If a port refuses a particular shipment, reassign it to another container in minutes. This is the power that digital transformation brings to Container consolidation business.

Take a step back, and let’s look at shipping the HAZMAT cargo. Has one taken the benefits of all the special provisions that can exempt it from being designated as HAZMAT? Has one ensured the packaging selected is compliant to the regulations? When shipping are the loads segregated correctly? Is the declaration correct? Are the labels correct? Yes, that’s a lot of boxes to be ticked off. With DGDox™ the process is simple. Takes 10 minutes to set up each product to be shipped and less than a minute to generate the paperwork, and labels correctly. That is the power of digital transformation in the logistics of Dangerous goods.

Couriers and Road transport Carriers have to worry about placarding, segregation and documentation. In correct placarding leads to expensive fines, and worse a truck can be sidelined for hours until the infraction is corrected. DGSMS® solves the problem with an easy-to-use Web interface for the loading dock and a mobile app DGMobi™ for drivers, that ensures all placarding that needs to be affixed on the truck is correct and the loads are segregated correctly before it is loaded on to the truck. Major carriers have benefited from it for more than 4 years with millions of loads been processed.

In an Audit, the competent authority can go back 3 years to look for errors. The DGSMS® suite archives records for 5 years ensuring an audit is smooth and error free.

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