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New York State Court Reporters Association Honors NCRA’s Court Reporting & Captioning Week

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 22, 2021 / -- The National Court Reporters Association, the country’s leading organization representing stenographic court reporters and captioners, has designated February 6-13 as the 2021 Court Reporting & Captioning Week (CRCW).

The national theme for this year’s celebration, “All you need is steno and love,” brings court reporters, captioners, court reporting firms, schools, and other related industries together to honor this viable profession. The New York State Court Reporters Association (NYSCRA) is joining in the celebration. Some aspects include highlighting a profession that commands excellent salaries, flexibility, interesting venues, and an increasing demand to meet the growing number of available employment opportunities.

Capturing the record at speeds over 225 words per minute, court reporters and captioners are an integral part of taking down the legal record and for providing access to the public via broadcast captioning. With a long history of integrity and rigorous industry standards, alongside constant technological innovation, stenographic workers have a lot to love in this celebration next week.

NYSCRA is launching CRCW 2021 with free online software training for all its members on February 6. The Association will also hold its third-annual Student Panel on February 6. Court reporting students and reporters from around the country are being invited to log in and hear from established members of the court reporting and legal professions.

NYSCRA also continues to promulgate a sense of community and transparency, publicly hosting the largest social media discussion group for New York court reporters and captioners, one of the largest in the country. For some, CRCW is a celebration of the whole field, whether preserving records of proceedings, gathering stories of war veterans, or ensuring that the spoken word is made available through captions to members of the deaf or hard of hearing community. This kind of skillset is unique and cannot ever be replaced by artificial intelligence or electronic recordings.

Eric Allen, NYSCRA member and President of the Association of Surrogate’s and Supreme Court Reporters had this to say: “There has never been a better time to become a stenographic reporter. Working reporters are proving every day that we are the gold standard for creating a verbatim record, extremely integral to the justice systems in not only the United States of America but throughout the world.”

NYSCRA’s celebration of the working reporter was expounded upon by Dominick Tursi, current President-Elect and a past President of the association: “Even the U.S. Congress continues to rely on the tenacity of court reporters. After the devastating events at the Capitol on January 6, the world got to witness those roving court reporters on the floor taking the record - until 3:00 in the morning! Court Reporting & Captioning Week celebrates the thousands of court reporters who preserve the important rhetoric of society every day.”

NYSCRA is also presenting its trailblazing CertifyNow program. Debra A. Levinson, founder of DALCO Reporting, Inc., and NYSCRA First Department Director, had this to say: “Members interested in voluntary certification will be able to schedule tests on their time instead of waiting for block testing. To all New York State reporters, this year is your year to get certified!” More information on the CertifyNow program will be released during CRCW.

Meanwhile, NYSCRA’s President and cofounder of Steno Captions LLC, Joshua Edwards, hinted toward a bright year for the association. “It’s an honor to lead the country’s first association for stenographic court reporters. Last year we made great strides in sharpening our members’ remote reporting knowledge. As more reporters join the association, there is no limit to what we can accomplish together.”

For more than 140 years, NYSCRA’s commitment to the stenographic reporter has persisted. The New York State Court Reporters Association will continue its mission to foster high professional standards and promote a spirit of mutual assistance between our profession and the many industries we serve. Every member of the board can be reached directly by contact information provided at For more information about CRCW, NYSCRA, or stenographic education in New York, write to

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