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Essay Pop partners with Elite Prep

Powerful assessment tools saves time for teacher to grade essays quickly as well as deep dive into what needs work

Proprietary frame-based writing allows anyone to write a well-developed essay, or any written piece

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Edtech upstart EssayPop partners with tutoring veteran Elite Prep, empowering teachers with new tech just in time for recent changes in education

USA, January 21, 2021 / -- The rapidly-growing writing platform, EssayPop, is proud to announce a partnership with Elite Prep, a globally recognized educational company headquartered in California with over 50 locations worldwide.

EssayPop is an intuitive and highly-scaffolded writing system that smartly breaks academic papers into their constituent elements so that students can approach essay-writing in a granular, step-by-step fashion. The developers tout the system as ‘the cure for writer’s block”. From a teacher’s viewpoint, Elite’s own senior instructor Alexander Hodge-Wallis had a few key thoughts about the system: “The great thing about EssayPop is that it helps students visually establish the structure of an essay in a way that is not possible with traditional means of teaching essay writing. It helps me see where students are misunderstanding the particular function of a sentence type (thesis statements, for example) and quickly identify what they are having trouble with. I can have my advanced students experiment and play with complicated structures while my students who are struggling can use more simple/classical styles while both using the same prompt. Several of my students got really creative with how they used the program, experimenting with different ideas, arguments, seeing which rules could be bent, broken, and which shouldn't be touched at all...the resulting final essays really demonstrated their creativity. The fact that EssayPop allows students to literally drag sentences around to see what effect it has is a great feature. It is helpful to me to see what my students are writing in real-time, that way I can identify problems early in the writing process.”

As for flexibility in teaching a variety of students, Mr. Hodge-Wallis also shared “One of the great things that makes my life significantly easier as an instructor is the way EssayPop helps struggling students structure their papers. I had several students for whom English is not their first language and who greatly struggle with wording; however, regardless of wording issues, they were able to come up with structurally strong, logically cohesive arguments and expositions in a way that I think would have been significantly more difficult to do without EssayPop.”

According to Elite's operation manager, Jon Kang, "I can't say enough good things about EssayPop. All of our students at Elite who had the opportunity to use the platform loved it. More than one student said it was the best experience they've had in learning how to write better."

EssayPop CEO, Michael Hicks, is also pleased with the partnership. “It’s great to work with yet another well-established purpose-driven institution focused on cultivating students to their full potential,” says Hicks. “In a world with ever-increasing standards for students and an only-the-best-for-future-generations mentality, we’re getting pretty good at building unique solutions and custom tailored experiences for our partners. It’s shown that our platform is flexible enough to accommodate different expectations, academic writing structures, and rubrics. It’s always been our intention to have universal compatibility.” Andrew Wang, SVP of Partnerships, is also quite optimistic for EssayPop’s continued success, indicating that “this partnership bears great significance in expanding our clientele and applications for any institution wishing to improve their pedagogy and practice. We welcome all to reach out and have a chat. I’m sure we’ll find a solution that works for them.”

The platform also includes a social and interactive environment, called the Hive, where students and teachers can provide support for one another in real-time from anywhere. It’s a clever tool built by teachers and one which has proven to be essential with schools that are engaged in traditional, distance, and hybrid learning. Mr. Kang touts, “As an educator, I'm a firm believer in the power of collaboration and learning-by-helping. That's exactly what students are able to do in the Hive. EssayPop makes peer-to-peer interaction so easy to implement, both in and out of class. Students learn just as much from writing their own essays as they do from providing feedback for other students in their pod.” Mr. Wallis adds, “There were several things I noticed that students liked. The first is that, if they were struggling, they could go into the hive and see what their peers were doing and model their writing after that. They also liked that they could ask for- and receive- near instant feedback from me on work they had just written. My more ambitious students really took the program and flew with it.”

As for the overall experience with the EssayPop team, Jon Kang raves, “What impresses me the most about Essaypop though is how thoughtful they are about the user experience--for students, teachers, and even administrators. It definitely helps that the founder and CEO is a 27-year veteran English teacher.”

The California-based company has grown rapidly in recent months with over 180,000 teachers and 800,000 students signing up the past quarter. EssayPop has users in every state in the nation and in overseas markets such as Canada, UK, Australia and all over Asia Pacific.

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