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Pros and cons of a Free VPN

NEW DELHI, INDIA, January 14, 2021 / -- Free VPNs are a great alternative if an internet user wants to be safe and secured in cyberspace but does not want to invest or shell out some cash for a VPN. These free VPN services are also for the users who are still ‘newbies’ in this kind of technology.

Although one may be excited to install one for their device, it is imperative to know the benefits and also the possible drawbacks of connecting to a free VPN. After all, the user’s security and privacy are the most important to look out for.

The pros

1. Hidden IP address - Just like any (paid) VPN, a free VPN can make the user’s IP address invisible to the online third parties such as websites, apps, cyberthieves, internet service provider, and the government. By this, every online activity is unseen, making it impossible for the third parties to trace. So, the user’s personal data is safe, especially for the cyberthieves who steal these kinds of information.

2. Unblocking banned websites and apps - There are certain countries where sites and apps censorship are prevalent. By connecting to a free VPN, the user may bypass geo-restricted sites in cyberspace and enjoy surfing the internet without any limits.

3. Guaranteed security - Free VPNs are also capable of securing the privacy of a user. Every free VPN has its own security encryption and protocol that will help the user to hide his personal data, especially the most important ones like home address, contact numbers, banking information, and credit details.

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The cons

1. May come with several ads - Since the general VPN service is free, these free VPNs may hit their users back with ads. After all, this is one way for these services to generate income.

2. Speed and performance concerns - That is one of the drawbacks of a free VPN. Since the encryption process reduces the speed, it may affect the performance of the user’s device. File sharing, streaming, and simple browsing may take longer than usual. As for the paid and premium VPNs, this issue will have a less impact.

3. Free VPNs could give the users’ data to the government - Some free VPNs may track their users’ online activities and data and sell it to the government, especially when a person is from the 5-9-14 Eyes Surveillance Alliance. Countries that are part of this alliance collect and record these kinds of data so internet users are not really a hundred percent secured and protected in cyberspace. This is not the issue for paid VPNs or premium VPNs as they do not have any records of their users so they have nothing to give to the government.

In conclusion

Before delving into the VPN technology, one must research thoroughly on what kind of VPN he should install.

There are several paid VPNs that offer excellent security protocols and guarantee users’ security in the world wide web. As for the starters, a good free VPN is worth the try. Just keep in mind that not all VPNs are the same. And the best safety precaution is to use the internet wisely and responsibly.
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