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Room Visualizer App Changes How People Shop For Wallpaper Online

Wallpaper Visualizer Tool by Wallpaper Boulevard

Wallpaper Visualizer Tool

No more endless wallpaper samples! New room visualizer app shows you how your newly decorated room will look.

NEW PORT RICHEY, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 14, 2021 / -- Wallpaper Boulevard has launched an app that shows how a wallpaper will appear inside your home.

The days of ordering wallpaper samples and taping them to your blank drywall, trying to picture how the design would look in your entire area are over.

Sometimes you just have to actually see the wallpaper on your own wall to get truly inspired. Now, there’s now a tool for that.

Online wall treatments & wall finishes retailer Wallpaper Boulevard has developed a Wallpaper Room Visualizer App – the first in the home décor industry that offers augmented reality to display how a wallpaper will look in any real space.

Homeowners and designers can instantly see how the finished product will come out before making any decisions or purchases.

Apps like these have been around for paint, carpet, flooring and furniture but until now there hasn’t been one for wallpaper, which is arguably one of the most cost- and time-intensive items to install.

It’s a vast improvement over the current wallpaper ordering process which involves just blindly ordering wallpaper based on a computer screen image and hoping it looks the same in person or waiting a week or more for a dozen samples to come in the mail.

You have the ability to choose a stock image of a room already within the app or upload pictures from your phone, tablet or desktop.

About 60% of the patterns are equipped with the Wallpaper Room Visualizer App.

A black “Room Visualizer” button appears when the app is available for a specific wallpaper design. Not all match types work well with the app (i.e., drop match patterns) but there is enough so that you have plenty of choices to look at.

Developed in Eastern Europe, this digital assistant allows you to see how wallpaper will look and match with your furniture and available lighting. You can get really close to a wall to see the intricate details or get really far to see a panoramic view of the entire room.

‘Wallpaper is back and many people who have never heard of wallpaper before are willing to give it a try. They see someone else post pictures of their newly wallpapered room on Instagram and get exited about the possibilities. Unfortunately, there are thousands of patterns to choose from and people struggle to visualize a design on their wall. It's a big commitment. The jump from seeing a wallpaper you like on website to putting it on your wall is really high, ‘says Alyssa Muller, head of customer relations at Wallpaper Boulevard. ‘This app makes it simple to really see how different colorways and prints will look on your wall with all your room décor. And if you find something you fall in love with, you can purchase it right then and there.‘

This wallpaper app aims to shorten and improve the whole wallpaper buying process. ‘We just wanted to do something different than everyone else, says Alexis Barnett head of IT at Wallpaper Boulevard. ‘However, we’ve found that people are buying more bold and adventurous wallpapers. They’re becoming more riskier now that they can see exactly what that wallpaper would look on their own wall, inside their own house. ‘

The Wallpaper Room Visualizer is available to use for free on approximately 60% of the patterns found on The ability to go straight from the app to checkout will be available later this year.

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