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New Odometer Mileage Reporting Requirements Implemented in Nebraska


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January 12, 2021


New Odometer Mileage Reporting Requirements Implemented in Nebraska


LINCOLN - When selling or transferring a vehicle with a model year that is 10 years old or newer, the odometer mileage must be reported to the new owner. A new federal regulation will gradually raise that requirement to 20 years for newer vehicles beginning this year.

Previously, any vehicle more than 10 years old had been exempt from reporting mileage upon sale or transfer. Now, for 2011 models and newer, that requirement will be in place until a vehicle is more than 20 years old. This change was made by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and is enforced in Nebraska by the passage of LB 944.

“There are simple guidelines for compliance with the new requirements,” said Rhonda Lahm, Director of the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles.  “If the vehicle is a 2011 model or newer, the seller must enter the current mileage in the Odometer Reading section of the title upon sale of the vehicle. If the vehicle is a 2010 model or older, the mileage recording is not required.”

The following types of vehicles remain exempt from odometer disclosure requirements:

•           Vehicles that are a 2010 model or older

•           Non-motorized vehicles (i.e. trailers)

•           Mopeds

•           Vehicles with a registered gross weight above 16,000 pounds now or previously

•           Low-speed vehicles

Vehicles from states not yet in compliance with the new rule may also be exempt from new requirements in some cases.

Additional information regarding the change is available on the DMV website at: