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Against All Odds Jesus Helps President Trump and President Biden Deliver Justice to a Woman Who Marched With Dr. MLK Jr.

Both President's can deliver long-overdue equity as Promise Keepers doing "A, B, C" where there are two confessions of government wrongdoing taking $38,046,524

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, USA, January 12, 2021 / -- Utilize DOJ lawyers to confirm this opportunity to do justice in America,

[A] In AMG v. FTC Case 19-508 at the Supreme Court: Read Reply Brief 12/30/2020 esp. pp. 9-10.
[B] Listen to Oral Argument 1/13/2021.
[C] Start Paying Damages By Memorandum Executive Order For 29 Years of FTC Misconduct.

The Come to Jesus, Inc. Foundation today furthers its second project based on the Bible and Christian music. To honor Jesus. To remember the poppies and the lives each represents. To get equity justice for Diane Blodgett and all listed pp. iii - iv of her Petition for Cert. Case 20-80, including ABP Pensions of the Netherlands, Michael Bloomberg, and ERISA beneficiaries. To have a smooth transition of power. To restore public trust and confidence. Ik zal handhaven.

All based on Faith in Jesus and:

The PETITION FOR CERT. FILED BY DIANE S. TWEDT BLODGETT AND TOM LINGENFELTER JULY 20, 2020 CASE 20-80. Cert. denied, October 6, 2020. Available off Google.

The FTC's admissions.>blog

Article III of the Constitution.>history>courts>jurisdiction-equity

An Executive Order.

And the cases and authorities cited in the AMG Reply Brief of December 30, 2020 esp. pp. 9 - 10.

Inspired by SINACH and other Christian musical talent, this project rests on faith in Jesus - not so as to help any certain person - but to glorify His Great Name as here, against all odds. On our Pastor's guidance to 1st Corinthians 3 - building on a firm foundation. On Romans 3: 11-14>topics>role_of_government

On Diane Twedt (later Blodgett) working and marching with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in the summer of 1966 in Chicago.
On generations of ties of respect between the Netherlands, Canada, the US and the UK with a poppy as a symbol.

On equity under the Petition for Cert. filed by Diane S. Twedt Blodgett and Tom Lingenfelter at the Supreme Court docketed July 20, 2020 as Case 20-80.
[link to SCOTUSBlog or Google]

Cert. was denied October 6, 2020 with no opinion on the merits. [available on Google @ SCOTUSblog as DIANE S. TWEDT BLODGETT AND TOM LINGENFELTER PETITION FOR CERT Case 20-80] Here 'no opinion' leaves the door open for equity.>history>courts>jurisdiction-equity
Reply Brief AMG 12/30/2020 pp. 9 - 10

Documented in case 20-80, the DOJ has never contested either the evidence or the claims in that Petition. Not in 29 years. Diane Blodgett paid over her half of $38,046,524 to the FTC to stay in lawful businesses with no finding of wrongdoing. That is a Fifth Amendment "taking". Use compound interest calculator. Compound $38,046,524 + $1 million a month @ 10% times 29 years, annually. What do you get.

Including years of FTC Section 13(b) inequitable FTC misconduct nationwide just disclosed in 2017. See former FTC attorney William Rothbard>blog. The AMG v. FTC Supreme Court case 19-508 involving years of admitted FTC sect. 13(b) misconduct comes up for oral argument on January 13th, 2021. SCOTUSBlog/FTC/AMG

The FTC DOJ does not contest the claims or evidence. FTC just stonewalled in every court refusing to pay any damages in this case now for 29 years. Including to a retired teacher and business owner who had marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Chicago summer 1966.

By delivering equity now by Executive Order Memoranda a President can save taxpayers a lot of money. Petitioner Diane Blodgett on October 9th offered to settle at a discount.

Research for the Foundation reveals equity is authorized here by: Article III, Sect. 2, Clause 1 of the U. S. Constitution www.constitution.congress>browse>section-2>clause-1; the government's own fjc interpretation above; and can be accomplished by court order requested by an acting Attorney General under 28 U. S. C. s. 2414. And by Executive Memo Order.

As explained by the Federal Judicial Center (fjc), when your claims and evidence prove you should have won, but "legal" relief fails, that is when "equity" kicks in. America is unusual in the world combining equity and law in a Constitution based on the Bible.

CEO Michael W. Blodgett said, " We use music to promote values. Ephesians 5: 17-21. A special interest is the authority and duty to do equity appears in the Bible 22 times."

As history expert co-petitioner Tom Lingenfelter said, "This happened to Native Americans in treaties, to businesses, to water customers, farmers and minorities. Now it happened to me."

The Petition documents other well-known potential future claimants in this matter including ABP Pensions of the Netherlands, Institutional Investor and Michael Bloomberg, and ERISA beneficiaries. See list pp. iii - iv of Diane Blodgett Petition for Cert.

But for them to 'win' Diane Blodgett has to "win first" as Diane Blodgett signed and fully performed the $38,046,524 February 18, 1992 bilateral contract broken by the FTC, that was intended to benefit others. Diane Blodgett wins under equity. After 29 years of unbridled, confessed FTC misconduct will both President's deliver justice for all.

For more information view or contact Michael W. Blodgett Cell US 1-612-453-9240 3600 Wooddale Ave. S. # 317 Minneapolis MN 55416. He is available for on-the-record interviews.


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