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How Will President Trump and Vice President Pence Finish Office

3 more steps left to being Promise Keepers 1. Confess Error; 2. Admit liability; 3. Do equity and pay damages

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, USA, December 30, 2020 / -- The Constitution Matters

Come to Jesus, Inc.™ a new South Dakota Foundation in Good Standing today announces its first and second projects with the Bible and Christian music Even though not done by Christmas, to ask a sitting American President, who did not cause the problems, to carry out steps 1, 2, 3 to deliver long-overdue equity to Diane S. Twedt Blodgett before January 15. Based on the Federal Judicial Center analysis of equity rights under the United States Constitution, art. III, sect. 2, clause 1.>history>courts>jurisdiction-equity And the Petition for Cert. Diane S. Twedt Blodgett filed with Tom Lingenfelter July 17, 2020.>Docket.PDF>Case>20-80. Petition denied October 6, 2020. And on the details in this Release to expedite approval by the White House and Acting A. G. Jeff Rosen. Equity now will also set the table for President Trump or President Biden's Administration to compensate the other intended beneficiaries listed within the Petition, on pages iii - iv like ABP Pensions of the Netherlands, Institutional Investor, Michael Bloomberg, and other ERISA beneficiaries whom the Petition documents the US Government never informed of their claims.

Reporting On The Public Record

This release is reporting on the public record from Case 20-80 already available off Google.

Facts Matter

The Petition, not contested by the Solicitor General, states claims under equity (p.10). That for 29 years in these matters the DOJ/FTC adopted facts that were false and then courts applied the wrong law as affirmative defenses (pp. 11 - 15). During the past 29 years many legal opinions, and much false reporting issued. (pp. iv - v) The DOJ said there was "no contract" and thus no damages, and because there was no contract no intended third-party beneficiaries (no pp. iii - iv). They also said the 'complaints' were filed too late, and thus outside the six-year statute of limitations. And even if there was a contract, all the claims for damages or takings were "waived".).
The uncontested Petition confirms the opposite.

The Petition Claims Equity

Page 10 of the Petition claims equity. App 89 and pp. 17, 26 - 27 show the original Complaint was filed December 16, 1994. Under Henderson v. US, 517 US 654 (n's 2 & 4 1996) federal service is complete when delivered and accepted by the clerk. The original Complaint and the 2017 Motion to reopen the 1994 complaint were never too late (pp. 26 – 27).

There Was a February 18, 1992 Contract

That was a bilateral Contract: The Judge in CLARIFYING ORDER said so April 23, 1992 about this Contract in Case 4-91-638 (App 68). Mr. and Mrs. Blodgett paid over to the FTC $38,046,524 in personal assets to obtain the signed Contract with its promises from the FTC. (p. 30 App 84, 96) Prior Supreme Court rulings in FTC settlement cases were precedent: US v. ITT Cont. Baking (1974) (pp. 5, 7, 14, 22). Prior and subsequent rulings agreed: SEC v. Levine (2nd Circuit 1989) (pp. 7, 14, 22); VanDesande v. US (Fed. Cir. 2012) (discussing the 1994 Blodgett/Lingenfelter case) (p. 17); Cunningham v. US (Fed. Cir. 2014). Thus there were Contract rights to claim damages and also protect the persons or entities listed pp. iii - iv.

No Waiver Was Enforceable

Waiver provisions that were in the bilateral contract were "unenforceable" because FTC misconduct (pp. 4 - 5, AMG v. FTC oral argument January 13, 2021) undermined any waiver (Petition p. 16, per 200 years of unbroken Supreme Court precedent) and the $38,046,524 Blodgett’s paid over, as calculated by the FTC was itself a "taking" (App 86, pp. 15, 26, 34, Lynch v. US (1934), Ladd v. US, (Fed. Cir. 2010) Horne v. Dept. of Agric. (2015)).

Much Ink and Many Trees

The FTC, DOJ and IRS falsely obtained many court opinions, and issued press releases, or found reporters determined to ridicule, slander, cast doubt upon one or both of the Blodgett’s, or Mr. Lingenfelter many of which pop up to this day.

The Petition finally exposes this tactic here, described as the "presumption of regularity" on p. 25. No matter or even because they had to work so hard to cover-up their schemes (pp. 23 - 25) which finally have been confessed, now including at the Supreme Court. (p. 6, 7, 10, App 73 - 74)
Finally After 29 Years This Is No Coincidence

Finally now at the Supreme Court in Case 20-80 neither the Federal Trade Commission ("FTC") or the Department of Justice ("DOJ"), or the Solicitor General contested equity (p. 10). Or any of the facts, claims or law detailed in the Petition, including confessed actual FTC/DOJ conspiracy (App 72, 73 - 76).
According to the Federal Judicial Center, that sets the stage for equity under the Constitution.

Jesus Matters

CEO Michael W. Blodgett, says "The authority and duty to do equity is in the Bible 22 times. That is a special interest of the Foundation."

Other Claimants

The Petition documents on pp. iii - iv other well-known potential claimants in this matter. But for them to 'win' Diane Blodgett has to "win first" as Diane Blodgett signed and fully performed the $38,046,524 February 18, 1992 bilateral contract broken by the FTC (App 67, 86) that was intended to benefit others (pp. iii - iv).

President Trump can help Diane Blodgett win equity.

President Biden can help deliver equity for others.


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