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Free VPN configuration on Android phone (Huawei only)

NEW DELHI, INDIA, January 6, 2021 / -- Connecting to a Virtual Private Network or VPN is easy. The interface of most of the VPN services has been changed over the years- from a very complicated interface to a simple one.

But there are some instances where the user’s Android device cannot seem to enable a VPN connection even though he did a lot of configuration and troubleshooting he found on the internet, the VPN is still not working from his end.

With this kind of technical issue, GoingVPN has a solution for it and the solution is much simpler as anyone could think.

Like any other VPN services, GoingVPN also receives comments like, the VPN app is not working. GoingVPN is responsive with these feedbacks, the team interacts with the users and would not give up until the technical issue is solved.

To configure/troubleshoot VPN apps on a Huawei phone, follow these steps:

1. If the user has enabled the VPN app, disconnect first then go to 'Settings'.
2. On the 'Settings' interface, open the 'System' settings.
3. Click the 'Date & Time' settings.
4. Enable the 'Set automatically' option.
5. Exit 'Settings' and connect to the VPN app.

GoingVPN’s troubleshooting with this technical issue makes sense as when a user sets the date and time automatically, the date and time would be accurate. This configuration helps in ensuring that all the device’s functions are working properly.

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