Pain Care Labs Partners with Child-Friendly Hospital Foundation to Reverse Needle Fear Trend Among Pediatric Patients

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The Buzzy device aligns perfectly with our mission for creating positive healthcare experiences for pediatric patients and their caregivers!”
— Brenda Sturgeleski, Founder of CFHF

ATLANTA, GA, USA, January 6, 2021 / -- Pain Care Labs, the industry leader in non-invasive, drug-free pain solutions, announced today a partnership with the Child-Friendly Hospital Foundation (CFHF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a more child-friendly healthcare experience for children and their caregivers. The two companies will work together to prevent and address growing needle fear among pediatric populations by making Pain Care Lab’s flagship product, Buzzy®, more widely available to clinicians treating children in hospitals, clinics, physician offices and the home.

The number of needle fear and fainting episodes in patients who were born after 1983 has skyrocketed, according to a recent report titled Addressing Needle Dred, Fear and Phobia that provides an analysis of needle fear studies completed over the past 50 years. Needle fear and pain directly correlate to a patient’s willingness to follow crucial preventative care measures and medication therapies. It is particularly challenging for children to understand the necessity of some tests and treatments that require multiple injections, and as a result, develop an aversion to receiving medical care that can last a lifetime.

“By creating positive healthcare experiences for pediatric patients, we can reverse this trend that has resulted in one in four Americans having needle fear, and improve adherence to critical preventative healthcare practices, such as receiving vaccinations,” said Amy Baxter MD, FAAP, FACEP, CEO and Founder of Pain Care Labs. “We’re proud to partner with the incredible Child-Friendly Hospital Foundation, who is working hand-in-hand with hospital administrators, clinicians and child life specialists to make sure children have the best possible experience when receiving care.”

According to Brenda Sturgeleski, a Child Life, Recreational Therapist, Educator and Founder of CFHF, “It’s rewarding to see clinicians realize that small, child-friendly adjustments in their procedures can make big difference when they are given the right tools to help. Nurses, medical support teams, child life specialists and parents often state that Buzzy is a ‘game-changer’ for all needle sticks, and recently even COVID nasal swab testing, making them less painful and scary! The Buzzy device aligns perfectly with our mission for creating positive healthcare experiences for pediatric patients and their caregivers!”

CFHF is a key distribution partner for Pain Care Labs, getting the Buzzy device into the hands of hospital administrators, clinicians and caregivers who are unable to afford the device. Pain Care Labs Buzzy, a patented pain relief device, optimizes “gate control” pain relief by mechanically stimulating large fiber sensation nerves to overwhelm small pain nerves. The proprietary frequency of mechanical vibration combined ice to target another neural feedback path to dull or eliminate sharp pain. Buzzy has proven to reduce fear 50% and has been used to control needle pain for more than 37 million needle procedures. More than 50 independent clinical research trials indicate pain reduction of approximately 73% in children, and 84% in adults.

About Child-Friendly Hospital Foundation
Child-Friendly Hospital Foundation is a 5013C organization that helps children and families with medical needs. Our mission is to support a child's HAPPY healing. We believe that when medical care is specialized for children, they are set-up to live a healthier life in the future. Child-Friendly Hospital Foundation supplies therapy toys/activities, tools for drug-free pain treatment and virtual patient and staff education/coaching to support to a successful medical experience. To learn more about or donate to CFHF, visit

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Pain Care Labs is the industry leader in noninvasive pain relief solutions. Buzzy® has been used to block pain for over 37 million needle procedures. VibraCool® is an FDA registered 510(k) cleared device to treat myofascial pain caused by trigger points, restricted motion, and muscle tension. Established in 2006 by emergency physician and pain researcher Amy Baxter M.D., the Company is dedicated to effective, reusable, and affordable solutions for pain. The Company’s award-winning solutions are based on patented Oscillice® M-Stim® , a mechanical stimulation/thermal neuromodulation platform. Pain Care Labs was named "Industry Leader for Localized Pain Relief" by Frost & Sullivan, a leading market research firm. For more information, including a list of published studies, please visit

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