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Stephen Hauge’s “Dark Against the Sky” Vividly Depicts the Challenging Lives of Children in 1834 London

Dark Against the Sky: A Climbing Boy’s Story is a heartwarming tale of hope, determination and perseverance.

SHERIDAN, WYOMING, USA, January 6, 2021 / -- In the latest release by the publicity company The Moving Words, historical fiction from author Stephen Hauge tells a compelling tale of the dangers and challenges working children faced in London in the 1830’s.

While societies emphasize keeping their children safe, such sadly was not always the case. In an eye-opening release from the publicity company The Moving Words, author Stephen Hauge fuses his deep knowledge of history with his ability as a creative writer to enter this arena. The result is the historical fiction novel “Dark Against the Sky: A Climbing Boy’s Story”, which tells the tale of a band of young chimney sweeps in London in 1834 and the adventures (and dangers) they experience. Heart-racing and completely believable, the book will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

“I became interested in climbing boys (young chimney sweeps) in a history course in college,” commented Hauge, clearly passionate about the subject. “When I decided to write ‘Dark Against the Sky’, I did the research necessary to bring their story authentically to life, while still making it engaging and compelling. Reading about the lives of these lads and the street life of London then revealed so much about that society as well as the courage and cruelty of that time.”

“Dark Against the Sky: A Climbing Boy’s Story” follows its main character Tommy as he works as a climbing boy under the boot of abusive master sweeps. As he bonds with his fellow climbing boys and street friends, he also searches for his father. While often dark, his journey is ultimately a tale of spirit, redemption and growth. Adults and young readers alike will find the novel a powerful inspiration while also a window into a fascinating age.

In a five-star review, Beth S. said, “My kids loved it! Moms, this is a really great book for children. I have two kids, Katie, 9, and Joshua, 7. They both really liked the book. Joshua's favorite character was Tommy, and Katie loved the illustrations at the start of every chapter. If you buy this, your kids will love it too!”

According to The Moving Words Review, "The characterization is mesmerizing, with the protagonist and the many supporting characters being well portrayed. Among the many features that also set this story apart are its meaningful conversations and descriptions. They underscore the level of research the author has used to build this evocative novel... Overall, ‘Dark Against the Sky’ is a perfect slice of art drawn through inspiring characters and powerful themes."

Paperback, hardcover, and Kindle editions of the book are available at Amazon.

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