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Iconic New York Irish Pub / Restaurant Takes Action to Protect Patrons From COVID-19

Iconic Irish Pub near Madison Square Garden in New York

Mustang Harry's Irish Pub and Restaurant. New York City, NY

Globally Recognized Infection Control Expert

New York Landmark Pub / Restaurant Takes Immediate, Pro-Active Stance To Protect Patrons And Reopen Safely

More than 15 years of research and development has led to an alcohol, chemical and drug free solution to COVID-19 and other pathogenic bioaerosols.”
— Arthur V. Martin Ph.D. President
BLUFFTON, SC, UNITED STATES, January 4, 2021 / -- Iconic New York Irish Pub /Restaurant Takes Action to Protect Patrons From COVID-19
“The safety of our patrons impacts the health of our business. We wanted the most innovative way to provide that.”
Ian and Niall Conroy

Ian and Niall Conroy, owners of Mustang Harry’s, situated near Madison Square Garden in New York are not sitting around idle during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis and the resultant shut-down regulations being imposed on owners such as themselves. They are being aggressively pro-active preparing for reopening to the large crowds that frequent the establishment for its renown food, beverages and hospitality.
The Conroys recently had an M3 System® diffusion unit installed, tested and put into operation as part of his pre-planning strategy for proactive pandemic protection. The M3 System® unit was conceptualized, designed and developed by Dr. Arthur Martin, President and Principal Research Scientist at Global Infection Control Consultants LLC located in Bluffton SC.
Dr. Martin, a member of the W.H.O. STOP TB board of advisors is considered one of the worlds leading authorities on the control of airborne disease-causing pathogens in buildings. Dr. Martin has worked in and consulted to numerous foreign governments regarding the original SARS outbreak, H1N1 in Malaysia, MERS and the current COVID-19 ongoing crisis.
“We are so fortunate to find Dr. Martin and his products through our local mechanical supplier MWSK here in New York. Their relationship
with Dr. Martin has put us ahead of the competition as we get through this crisis and will protect us against any similar future crisis.”
Ian and Niall Conroy
The M3 System® was the methodology for infusion of Dr. Martin’s parallel, groundbreaking development of Path-Away Ant-Pathogenic Solution®, an organic, non-GMO based product proven effective against numerous disease-causing pathogens. It has been tested successfully in one of only two USA laboratories approved by the USA CDC for testing on COVID-19 under extremely strict protocols.
“We were intrigued by the thought process behind the combination of the machine and solution.
The approach to controlling indoor safety and air quality is unprecedented.” Ian and Niall Conroy
Utilizing the Brownian Theory of Motion, The M3 System® infuses millions of organic based, high efficacy molecules into the building HVAC system at a frequency and amount sufficient to control disease producing organisms such as fungi, bacteria, yeasts and viruses. The M3 System® works synergistically with the proprietary solution to achieve this effect.
The Path-Away solution contains ingredients listed as GRAS, Generally Regarded as Safe, by the FDA, contains zero alcohol, drugs or added chemicals. The intellectual property owned by GICC LLC revolves around the process under which the product is produced rather than simply the content. Eight years of development went into determining the proper sequence of ingredient compounding including numerous changes in temperature, pressure and time periods to exponentially increase efficacy to where it is today. The current COVID-19 SARS(CoV2) is rendered harmless in less than two (2) minutes time.
A thorough air sampling at Mustang Harry’s was conducted prior to startup to identify and quantify any bioaerosols potentially harmful to occupants. The laboratory analysis identified ten (10) different varieties in varying concentrations prior to startup. Some were in levels identified to be as high as 750 spores per cubic meter of air.
Within 30 hours of system startup, and a second sampling, the overall variety of airborne pathogens dropped to five (5), a 50% reduction. The remaining varieties were reduced to a total of 12% of the number prior to the system being put in operation.
“We are seeing similar success stories in different types of building applications. Our combination of product
and process is matchless in terms of flexibility, results and 24/7/365 positive protection.”
Arthur V. Martin Ph.D. GICC LLC
Global Infection Control Consultants LLC operates worldwide through a network of Strategic Partners.

The M3 System® is represented in other countries including Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and India by HOLISTA Colltech, ltd. Located in Malaysia

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