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The Uplifting Book Second Chances Released on New Year's Day to Comfort and Inspire Those Suffering From the Pandemic

Second Chances Is An Inspirational Book To Help Those Suffering From the COVID-19 Pandemic

WASHINGTON, D.C., UNITED STATES, January 1, 2021 / -- In December of 2012, William Loiry stepped off a train in Edison, New Jersey and stepped into a taxi on his way to meet state legislators for a Superstorm Sandy reconstruction conference he was organizing. He never made it. Loiry’s taxi was t-boned by two cars, both of which had run a red light, leaving him almost dead and unconscious in the middle of fire and smoke. The effects of the accident on Loiry were horrendous: burns, a severe head concussion, severe head pain, extensive back pain, spine disc protrusions, dangerously high blood pressure, ongoing nausea and other awful abdominal problems, no taste, no smell, ongoing edema, dizziness, and many other problems. After eight years of litigation, the New Jersey courts refused to let Loiry have a personal injury trial which meant that Loiry could not have the extensive tests and therapies his doctors had ordered with urgency. In 2016 in Texas, another car Loiry was riding in was struck from behind at high speed, leaving Loiry with another head concussion and worsening his already compromised health.

Timothy McIlwain, Loiry’s trial attorney in the New Jersey case, stated, “I am sick over how your case turned out and very disappointed in all of the courts that made these decisions knowing: (1) how you were injured; (2) did nothing wrong, and (3) there was insurance to pay you.”

John Shoreman, Loiry’s personal and corporate attorney in Washington, stated, “William Loiry’s New Jersey personal injury case was an open-and-shut case. He was almost killed by reckless drivers and was immediately hospitalized in Edison, New Jersey. The injuries he sustained were, and still are, life-threatening. And he continues to suffer from substantial pain and many other difficulties because of the accident and because of the irresponsible actions of New Jersey courts in not letting his case go to trial. It’s one of the most outrageous injustices I have ever witnessed in all of my years of law practice.”

William Loiry stated, “The names of the New Jersey judges who continue to allow me to suffer immense pain because they failed to let my personal injury case go to trial will forever be etched into the Wall of Judicial Shame in my mind. After that, may their names be permanently dispatched into the toxic waste dump of history. Am I angry? Very. And it’s alright to be angry when you are the victim of horrendous injustice. I also made a decision, that was both simple and difficult, to convert that anger into love. I turned the evil I was subjected to into this book of inspiration for you.”

SECOND CHANCES: How To Have A Better 2021 is designed as a book to inspire the many who are suffering from the pandemic and face eviction, loss of their jobs, food insecurity, homelessness, anxiety, depression, and more. In this uplifting book, Loiry recounts how he is dealing with the health crises he continues to face every day and offers his tips on how readers can overcome the crises and difficulties they may be facing. The second part of the book was written by Loiry’s parents – Dr. David A. Loiry and Carol J. Loiry, M.A. – who improved the lives of tens of thousands of people through their innovative and effective strategies on how to have a better life.

SECOND CHANCES is released on New Year’s Day 2021 as an eBook and is available through Amazon Kindle. Background on William Loiry can be found at

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