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MILWAUKEE, WI, USA, January 1, 2021 / -- Written from July, 2019 through June, 2020, TRADE CRASH was written by Bruce Aitken and Ngosong Fonkem and published in October, 2020 by renowned London publisher Faber and it affiliate, Clink Street Publishing. Among other things, this “Book-Video” (BookVid), was and is uncanny in its correct prediction of the trade and life impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Mr. Aitken commented that:
“Trade Crash examined the failure of globalization and what to do about it, the risks to the U.S. and global economy from the Trump Administration’s approach to trade and the devastating Coronavirus Pandemic. We correctly predicted the US death rate from the virus (350,000 by year’s end), Biden’s victory in the US Presidential race, Harris’ positive impact on Biden’s campaign, the fact that Trump would contract COVID-19. An updated version with a post-election update will be published in early 2021.

Mr. Fonkem added:
“We also addressed how businesses and industry representatives can anticipate, deal with, and hopefully thrive from newly increased trade diversion. We included discussions of tools (e.g. customs tools) and negotiating techniques designed to help alleviate the business risks from this new world of trade diversion. We concluded with an explanation as to why a global trade crash can be expected in the last half of 2021.”


Trade Crash has received rave reviews from readers, achieving the top rating of 5* on Amazon and top ratings from Barnes & Nobel and the OnlineBookClub.

One such reader described the book as:
“a timely, towering achievement.”

Another reviewer stated:
“This book gives excerpts of the chapters, which detail the history of trade wars, modern-day disputes, and how to survive and thrive during trade wars. My favorite was the prediction of the 2020 election. That was interesting, hilarious, and well worth the money right there.”

OnlineBookClub also gave Trade Crash its top rating; their review stated, in part:
“On a lighter note, I loved the apocryphal prediction of how the presidential election would play out. It added a touch of humor and helped lighten up the mood of the book. I reckon the authors would become American legends if their predictions happened… . “I'd give it four out of four stars. The book was exciting and educational. It would be helpful to any businessperson trying to cope with the changing nature of the global market. I also think the book could guide those interested in understanding the global economy and international trade.”

Last, but certainly not least, Minister Chulsu Kim, former WTO Deputy Director, has
commented favorably on the book, stating that it is “an important new book on international trade.”
He stated further that:
“Trade Crash is a timely publication by two experienced trade practitioners at a time when international trade is facing unprecedented disruption and challenges. It should be helpful to international businessmen who are trying to cope with all this. I also think the book can serve as a guide to those who are trying to understand the global economy in general and international trade in particular. “

Among the topics focused on in the book are the following:

*the failure of globalization and what can be done about it;
*the disruptions to the global supply chain caused by the aggressive and impulsive Trump trade policies;
*the fractures to that system caused by the CV-19 global economic slowdown;
*the shift caused by CV-19 from a horizontal towards a vertical trading system;
* the North-South divide in Europe's response to CV-19;

* whether or not flu shots should be cancelled this fall;

*whether or not doctors working on a CV-19 vaccine have a conflict of interest;

*How Biden's addition of Harris to his Presidential ticket impacted the election;

*an apocryphal depiction of the political resurrection of Trump; and

*why a Trade Crash disrupting the global supply chain is likely in 2021

TRADE CRASH was published in hardcover by award-winning and internationally known London publisher Faber Publishing and its affiliate, Clink Street Publishing. It went on sale in mid Oct., 2020. It is extremely timely as it focused on, among other things, the likely impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic (“CV-19”) on the November, 2020 elections and on a likely Trade Crash of the global supply chain in 2021. Written by Bruce Aitken and Ngosong Fonkem, Trade Crash is a multi-media Video Book (“BookVid”) with links to a short film and several interviews, plus directions to hours of zoom seminars on CV-19 and Trade. It is an accessible Primer, written for the general public, with over 90 illustrations and charts. Also, it is written from a multi-cultural perspective, with 7 contributors whose backgrounds can be traced to 7 countries: Cameroon, China, France, India, Malaysia, South Korea and the United States. To speak to the authors and/or to arrange interviews, contact or To buy the book, see

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