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520-year-old tradition more important than ever for business owners to grow in 2021

Sabah Ali on Live TV Because of Her Author Status

Sabah Ali on Live TV Because of Her Author Status

Books Are Proven Reputation-Builders

Books Are Proven Reputation-Builders

Secret Unlock: The Power of Books for Business Owners

Secret Unlock: The Power of Books for Business Owners

Your book is 100x better than a business card.”
— Haris Reis

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, December 29, 2020 / -- Feeling the heat of economic contraction, entrepreneurs are looking for ways to position themselves as leaders in their marketplaces. How can a small business compete? There’s only one answer: brand.

Brand is a fancy buzzword that just means reputation. According to Psychology Today, “...[reputation] remains one of our most precious assets (far more important than any one job, house, car, or even, some would argue, money).”

When it comes to reputation in business, nothing trumps being an author (or better yet, a #1 bestselling author) of a book. The publishing industry is over 520 years old, yet it continues to wield power over the hearts and minds of consumers and business decision-makers alike.

“After I published my book, people looked at me differently,” shared Akbar Sheikh, a marketing consultant. “It gave me instant credibility.”

“I was able to raise my prices and attract more clients once I became a bestselling author,” reported Sabah Ali, a young entrepreneur who helps businesses and brands grow on Instagram.

Even with the advent of self-publishing and the slow death of the traditional publishing industry, the power of a book on reputation building and credibility is unmatched. In fact, “the book transcends time and space to announce, to expound, and to preserve and transmit knowledge.” (Source: Britannica)

There is nothing else like it.

“We are seeing an increase in small business owners who -- after putting off writing a book in the past -- are now seeing just how important being an author is in today’s competitive digital world,” shared Haris Reis, Co-Founder of Best Selling Book World, a new collaboration that helps business owners to write, publish, market, and leverage books for brand and business growth.

“It really is the Golden Age of Self-Publishing if a business owner has a plan and puts that plan into action,” agrees Laura Petersen, who Co-Founded Best Selling Book World along with Reis.

The mission of Best Selling Book World is to help business owners harness the power of a centuries’ old tradition that still offers the best ROI for reputation-building available.

"Your book is 100x better than a business card," confirms Reis.

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