Management: SH!TIFICATION or the Tendency to Fix the Wrong Things

SH!TIFICATION article published in NUST Business Review

When facing crucial decisions, managers tend to fix the wrong things, “sh!tifying” products and experiences. Prof. Derval decodes 11 SH!TIFICATION tendencies.

These 11 typical sentences could be signs of an ongoing SH!TIFICATION process within your company.”
— Prof. Diana Derval, PhD, EMBA, Chair of DervalResearch
FRANKFURT, GERMANY, December 29, 2020 / -- Based on field observations and managers’ feedback, researcher in behavioral neuroendocrinology, Prof. Diana Derval, PhD, EMBA, Chair of DervalResearch and Springer Nature author documented 11 typical sentences that could be signs of an ongoing SH!TIFICATION process within a company:
1 – Nobody will notice it
2 – I prefer it that way
3 – We did it on purpose
4 – We just need to nudge people
5 – It is confidential
6 – We didn't touch anything
7 – We need to innovate
8 – We need to follow the trends
9 – Others do it like that
10 – Everybody seemed ok with it
11 – I wanted to leave my mark

“When confronted with a new market, an unexpected trend, a drop in sales” explains Prof. Derval “managers have to move fast, yes, but in the right direction. Reactions like “Nobody will notice it”, ”Others do it like that”, or ”We just need to nudge people” are symptomatic of a deeper SH!TIFICATION process that inevitably translates into a backlash in the market.”

Even great brands and high-performing managers sometimes SH!TIFY their client experience. Based on research, market observations, and latest developments in decision-making science, the article published in NUST Business Review identifies eleven SH!TIFICATION tendencies leaders have and how to overcome them.

By carefully documenting this management big idea, DervalResearch Chair wants to show how “decision-making is a science, where the same causes on the same customers produce the same SH!TIFICATION effects.”

Through various business cases from chocolate to GPS navigation systems and take-aways, managers will find answers to critical questions and at the end of the article, that also comes with a 10-minute audiobook, they will be able to:
- Fix the right things
- Spot early signs of SH!TIFICATION
- Understand customers’ behavior and preferences
- Keep their products and services current and on-trend
- Fine tune their positioning and offering for every local market
- Propose a consistent and appealing client experience
- Optimize their portfolio and assortment
- Keep their mojo going
- Make wiser business decisions
- Move fast but in the right direction
- Overcome 11 typical SHITIFICATION tendencies
- Be systematically successful

A great management read to start off 2021 on the right foot.

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SH!TIFICATION or the Tendency to Fix the Wrong Things