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Kim Jolicoeur Coaching to be Featured on Close Up Radio

BOYNTON BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, December 18, 2020 / -- Kim Jolicoeur survived over 30 years in Corporate America, but she didn’t come out unscathed. She was overdrinking, overeating, procrastinating and disconnected from relationships.

“The pressure was so great. The quotas were so big. Everything was so overwhelming that I literally could not breathe,” recalls Jolicoeur.

“All those years on the road, the client meetings, the relationship building, trying to get contracts signed, it all resolved around socializing, wining and dining and expense accounts, but when I wasn’t working anymore, every day at 5pm meant it was time for me to start drinking. It was happening every night. I wasn’t in control anymore.”

Jolicoeur pursued life coaching for weight loss and lost 15 pounds, but soon realized her weight was just a symptom of drinking too much, not exercising enough and procrastinating.

“It's really tough to know when you've crossed that line into a problem,” says Jolicoeur. “I was conducting meetings in boardrooms with high powered executives, feeling like the expert and getting all the awards. It prevented me from looking at what really makes us happy.”

Jolicoeur felt strongly that she wanted to reach out to people just like her, so she started applying the coaching principles to overdrinking.

“Smart, educated, high functioning professional people have challenges admitting there is a problem and just ignore it, but the more they ignore it, the worse it becomes,” says Jolicoeur. “If you're not getting the results that you want in your life, it's because of how you're thinking about things. I guide them along that road.”

Today, Kim Jolicoeur Coaching provides a safe, nonjudgmental place for her clients to be exactly who they are so they feel safe to finally express all that is bottled up inside of them.

“When people come to me, they think the world has caused their problems. It’s their bosses, it’s the corporation, it’s politics,” says Jolicoeur. “I create a space for them to show me their thoughts, and I help them see that all the stuff has nothing to do with why they're feeling the way they feel. Your thoughts create your feelings; your feelings drive your actions or inactions; and those actions create your results.”

Jolicoeur says there is a sense of empowerment that comes when her clients realize they can think whatever they want to think.

“Watching their self-realization that the solution has been right there at their fingertips the whole time is why I do this,” says Jolicoeur. “Patterns that you have created don't just go away because you tell yourself you can't drink anymore. If you don't want to give up drinking, but you don't like what it has become, I can help you control the alcohol instead of allowing the alcohol to control you.”

Close Up Radio will feature Kim Jolicoeur in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on December 22nd at 1pm EST

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