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Australia Gets The Most Affordable Teeth Straightening Option Yet With SmilePath

SmilePath Clear Aligners For Teeth Straightening

SmilePath Clear Aligners

Clear Braces For Teeth Straightening

Clear Braces

Straighter Teeth With Clear Aligners

Straighter Teeth With Clear Aligners

Previously available to the US & Canada as ALIGNERCO, the company has branched out its operations to offer its aligners to the 25 million people of Australia.

SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, December 10, 2020 / -- Thanks to Australian company SmilePath, dental patients down under now have a new teeth straightening option available to them. SmilePath is a rapidly growing direct-to-customer clear aligner company, providing an affordable and effective solution for people to improve their smile and regain their confidence.

Improving the appearance of one’s teeth is more than just cosmetic. More than 50% of people admit to feeling self-conscious about the way their teeth look, and this can have far-reaching impacts on people’s lives. It can lead to a lack of confidence, low-self esteem, anxiety and even depression. Many existing orthodontic treatments currently available, such as braces or dental implants, are extremely expensive for most people, and require lengthy dental appointments and procedures. Enter SmilePath.

SmilePath clear aligners are a relatively new form of orthodontic treatment designed to improve the alignment of a patient’s teeth through pressure. They come direct-to-customer, meaning that a patient simply has to order them online and wait for them to be delivered, with no in-person visits required. As well as being a highly convenient option for wearers, they are also a much more affordable solution than other treatments, proving that money should not be a barrier to a beautiful smile.

Many adults shy away from metal and wire braces due to concerns about the way they look. But clear aligners, however, are practically invisible. They are essentially transparent plastic moulds designed to fit closely around the shape of the wearer’s teeth. They put gentle pressure on the teeth, gradually adjusting them to the ideal position over time. A wearer will receive a series of different aligners to be changed every two weeks until they have a perfect set of teeth. Users will wear them all day and night, only taking them out to brush teeth, eat, and drink. And if opted for their NightOnly Clear Aligners option, the wear time is brought down to 8-10 hours just at night.

How they work
Rather than visiting a dentist, SmilePath customers simply have to order an impression kit online. This will be sent through the post and allows them to take a 3D to take their teeth impressions, which they will then send back to SmilePath. Once SmilePath has received the impressions, a team of dental experts will use the imprints to custom create a treatment plan with a series of clear aligners designed to help the wearer achieve a perfectly aligned set of teeth. Once the treatment preview is approved by the user, they will receive the set of aligners through the post and can start wearing them right away.

The number of aligners a patient receives will vary from person to person, and the whole process could last anywhere from six months to a year. They must be changed every two weeks, and each aligner will get the wearer one step closer to their perfect teeth.

There are a range of benefits to choosing SmilePath clear aligners over other orthodontic treatments, such as:

Direct-to-customer: Most dental treatments require a series of lengthy consultations and visits with a dental professional, but SmilePath makes the entire process considerably easier. All customers need to do is order an impression kit through the website, send it back through the post, approve their smile projection, and await delivery of their aligners within just a few weeks. There is no need to wait for an appointment or travel to the dentist’s office.

Convenient: The product is designed to slip in and out of the wearer’s mouth without fuss, and once they’re in, they only need to be removed for eating, drinking and brushing teeth.

Discreet: Many people neglect to straighten their teeth because they’re worried about how braces will look, but clear aligners are almost invisible. They are practically impossible to notice, even during a face-to-face conversation. This helps customers to reduce their feelings of social anxiety and self-consciousness around their teeth and leads to improved mental wellbeing as a result.

Affordable: Many corrective dental treatments cost an arm and a leg, but at SmilePath, a winning smile is more affordable than ever before. It is cheaper than all major competitors and offers flexible payment plans to all patients. Depending on financial circumstances, customers can either pay in one go or opt for multiple payments over several months.

About SmilePath Clear Aligners
SmilePath is one of the top companies to offer the very best in quality and comfort when it comes to clear aligners in Australia. The process is easy enough to follow and has resulted in many happy customers that have put these aligners to the test and come out with perfectly straight gnashers.

For those wanting to retain a beautiful smile, their clear retainers offer a discreet and fuss-free way to straighten any crooked or misaligned teeth. The results of aligners are certainly noticeable, and it’s worth taking a look at SmilePath’s results page to see just how much of an impact these clear aligners can have.

Clear aligners are still the most affordable option when it comes to straightening the teeth, and they require very little effort on the customer’s part, with minimal pain and discomfort.

For more information about Smile Path and their clear aligners, visit the website at Contact for questions and any other queries.

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