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How to Repair Roof Leaks

Turn Key Inc. General Contractors, local Bucks County, PA handyman, reveals helpful tips for fixing common leaky roof issues on their brand new website!

LEVITTOWN, PA, US, December 9, 2020 / -- The best defense from major home damages is to act fast and be vigilant! A leaky roof can lead to several problems such as destroyed insulation, black mold, damage to ceilings, walls, and framing. Local Bucks County, PA general contractors, Turn Key Inc. told us all about the 8 common causes of roof leaks and then what roof repair will be needed. You can read their full article on their brand new website! Moreover, they wanted everyone to know that if you are facing any of these issues then be sure to call Turn Key Inc. General Contractors today for quick and professional handyman service!

Common Causes of Roof Leaks!
1. Old Roofs - Solution: Roof Replacement
It's important to know the age and material of your roof! Older roofing materials eventually give in to wear and tear. How long a roof will last also depending on what roofing material it was made out of. Thus, an old, tired roof can lead to leaks! If your roof is getting up in the years it might be time to consider getting ready for a roof replacement. Once a roof reaches a certain age your home will be better off with a new roof than numerous temporary repairs.

2. Brick Chimneys - Solution: Roof Patches
While brick chimneys are almost indestructible, the roof attached to it is not. The mortar that seals your roof and chimney can erode or crumble over time. The good news is that leaks caused by this problem are very easy to fix! A handyman would have to check the mud cap on the top and inspect the mortared joints. In most cases, a simple patch will be enough to solve the issue. Patches are cheap, quick, and effective.

3. Missing Shingles - Solution: Shingle Replacement
If you find a shingle in your yard or notice missing patches in your roof then you’ll need to call a roofing contractor! Shingle replacement requires prying off nails, sliding a new shingle in, and nailing it in. Moreover, don’t expect a perfect color match. Newer shingles aren’t going to look exactly like the older ones. Although, the new shingles shouldn’t stand out so much that it is very noticeable. If that is the case your probably due for a new roof. If your unsure be sure to call a roofing contractor for a consultation. A similar process goes for cracked shingles as well.

4. Holes - Solution: Flashing Patch
Holes can be caused by a variety of things, typically though it is caused by storm damage, misplaced nails, or animals (such as squirrels or raccoons). Small holes can be very sneaky and may not be noticed till a roof inspection is performed. The good news is that small holes are fairly quick and easy to fix with a flashing patch. Moreover, if you suspect you have a hole in your roof be sure to get your entire roof properly inspected, just to make sure there aren’t more holes. Wouldn’t want to miss one and accidentally allow damage to your house because of it!

5. Complex Architecture - Solution: Leak Barriers or Metal Ice Belts
That dynamic roof-line might be a gorgeous feature of your home but the more complex the roof is the harder it is to fix and the more likely there could be a problem. Proper sealing is vital for these elaborate roofs. Some ways to prevent or fix some issues could be to install leak barriers and/or metal ice belts. Both will help your roof overcome the weather from heavy rain to the build-up of snow.

6. Clogged Gutters - Solution: Regular Gutter Cleaning
Gutters play an important role in moving water away from your home. If your gutters are clogged then the water can’t be moved away. They need to be cleaned at least twice a year. With some gloves, a ladder, and a trash bag the job can be done DIY. If you can’t (or simply don’t want to) or if you have a complicated roof then you can always call a handyman to handle the job for you! If the clog is still a problem despite cleaning then you’ll truly want a professional to take a look at your gutters and downspouts.

7. Skylights - Solution: Resealing or Reinstalling
Skylights are a highly desirable feature for any home. More natural light, a nice view, a transformative feature – why wouldn’t you love a skylight? Well, if your skylight isn’t installed properly it can lead to damaging leaks. You’ll want to make sure your skylight is installed professionally. Then you’ll want to check the rubber seal water barrier every so often to make sure everything is fine. If you do find a problem then you’ll want to call a handyman to solve it. At best a simple patch or resealing will be enough. At worst a re-shingle or re-flash of a leaky skylight will be needed.

8. Shiners - Solution: Fix the Nails & Re-insulate the Attic
Shiners refer to roofing nails that didn’t find the mark and tend to frost up in the winter. These nails are prone to causing water damage as the frost melts and then drips. This is also a sign of an improperly insulated/ventilated attic. So to solve this problem you’ll need a two-part fix. The first is to use side-splitting pliers to get the nails. The second is to get a professional to fix the insulation issues. The good news is that you’ll see improvements in overall home comfort and energy efficiency as well as a longer-lasting roof.

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