ContinuServe Rolls Out Rapid Carveout Analysis Services



We are excited to ramp up our Rapid Carveout Analysis Services. We can help accelerate our private equity firm clients ability to absorb a carve-out.”
— Pradeep Khurana, Managing Director of ContinuServe
CAMBRIDGE, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, November 16, 2020 / -- ContinuServe, a leader in IT and finance business process outsourcing, today announced the expansion of its Rapid Carveout Analysis Services (“Rapid Analysis”) to help private equity firms and corporate buyers execute carve-out acquisition transactions.

Carve-outs are transactions when a corporation sells a business unit, division or product line. In these transactions, another firm will buy these carve-out units and then operate them. Typically, in carve-out transactions, the sold unit does not come with back-office functions like information technology, finance and accounting, and human resources. Therefore, the buyer of the unit must ramp-up these back-office functions quickly to maintain business continuity. It is crucial that the buyers understand the full costs and business requirements of building out the back-office services required for the carved-out unit.

ContinuServe’s Rapid Analysis is typically performed for a financial buyer (e.g. private equity firm) of a stand-alone carve-out purchase (i.e. the carve-out will be set up as an independent entity instead of being an add-on or tuck-in to an existing company). The Rapid Analysis is typically performed either during evaluation of the purchase or after the financial buyer signs a Letter of Intent. ContinuServe prepares the analysis with input from the buyer and can be performed using information from deal data rooms related to back-office systems and services. ContinuServe’s Rapid Analysis deliverables include a proposed future state back-officeCarve-outs delivery model for both IT and business processing including transition cost and on-going cost. Depending on the complexity of the transaction, ContinuServe’s Rapid Analysis is typically turned-around within three days after receiving information. ContinuServe’s Rapid Analysis can also make recommendations on structuring any Transitional Services Agreements (TSA’s) to facilitate the transaction.

In addition, ContinuServe also helps manage and operate IT and finance back-office outsourcing services after a carve-out is completed. Since the company has the outsourcing capability, it can perform the Rapid Carveout Analysis and quickly develop a plan to execute on the IT, finance and human resource carve-out steps if the deal closes.

Pradeep Khurana, Managing Director of ContinuServe said, “We are excited to ramp up our Rapid Carveout Analysis Services. We can help accelerate our private equity firm clients ability to absorb a carve-out. Our experienced team has advised on numerous carve-out transactions from the IT and finance back-office perspective, so we have a very systematic approach to evaluating the standalone requirements.”

Nate Medoff, Managing Director of ContinuServe said, “This service offering will help our clients to quickly and efficiently evaluate the size and scope of a carve-out’s back-office requirements.”

The ContinuServe team has resources of over 450 staff members, who can deliver IT and financial services to these carved-out units.

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