Back9 Masters golf blog goes virtual using OpenExchange technology

Virtual events, finance technology and golf commentary come together

After seeing what Nucleus195 and OpenExchange have been doing with their video coverage, they are great partners to convert this years’ blog into a virtual event.”
— Raymond Floyd Jr - Back9blog
STAMFORD, CT, UNITED STATES, November 9, 2020 / -- Nucleus195 today announced that through its sponsorship of the Back9blog they will be converting its blog coverage of the 2020 Masters into a virtual event over 4 nights. They will be using OpenExchange’s industry-leading virtual conference technology with the event being hosted live on OETV and recordings available there and at Back9blog’s website.

“I wanted to change it up a little this year and after seeing what Nucleus195 and OpenExchange have been doing with their video coverage, they are great partners to convert this years’ blog into a virtual event,” said Raymond Floyd Jr., Back9blog founder, and owner. “We are going to bring this to you in a series of live videos on OETV, starting on Wednesday at 6 pm EST where we will delve into pairings, picks, what I am hearing, live guests, and a lot more.”

“The feedback we had from our US Open interview was overwhelmingly positive,” said Scott Duxbury, Nucleus195 co-founder. “So many viewers wanted more and with an event as prestigious as the Masters we want to give people as much insight as possible like we are doing with investment research. I have never been to the Masters but Ray’s perspectives make you feel like you have been there as much as he has and there aren’t many people who have been to Augusta as much as he has.”

Mark Loehr, OpenExchange Founder, added: “We have worked with Nucleus195 since they started as a company and they have always been forward-thinking, like ourselves, and we are proud to be working with them on events like these.”

All live broadcasts can be seen at

The scheduled times for the broadcasts are as follows:

Wednesday 11th November 6 pm EST
Thursday 12th November 6 pm EST
Friday 13th November 6 pm EST
Saturday 14th November 6 pm EST

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For those who have never been to The Masters — or even if you have — the goal of Ray’s blog is to paint a vivid picture, from a unique perspective, of the greatest event on the planet. The logistics, forward planning, and resources that go into putting on this tournament are unmatched. It would be impossible to describe every detail…but let’s just say that Augusta National gives the patrons, the players, and the viewers at home, the experience of a lifetime — and they do it every year. Everything is carefully orchestrated toward the ultimate crescendo when one of the players dons the most famous garment in sports.

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