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Carbon Neutral Ag Sciences Purchases mOasis Assets

New owner relaunching technology to reduce water and carbon footprint in agriculture.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA, UNITED STATES, November 3, 2020 / -- Carbon Neutral Ag Sciences (CNAS, purchased the assets-only of mOasis on July 1, 2020. The acquisition centered around patented proprietary technology to reduce irrigation requirements for a wide variety of crops and trees throughout all soil conditions. The company is pursuing patents for a variety of products that help reduce water requirements, carbon emissions and other greenhouse gases, as well as aiding in traditional and organic farming and other significant environmental issues.

Using patented chemistry, the company manufactures an eco-friendly, super-absorbent soil amendment that absorbs up to 150 times its weight in water while maintaining its mechanical strength. The product will repeatedly absorb and release water to plant root systems, utilizing its unique double cross-linked structure. It has been extensively tested by university and industry partners and has consistently demonstrated an ability to improve yield while reducing water usage, across a wide variety of crops. The product holds water and nutrients in the root zone, instead of allowing these to descend in the soil profile, reducing plant stress between irrigations. Due to its superior mechanical strength, it remains effective for up to three years until it safely biodegrades. Unlike other industry products, the CNAS product does not contain polyacrylamide, an undesirable component. The super-absorbent nature of the product is also ideal for a wide range of consumer and industrial uses.

Carbon Neutral Ag Sciences Chief Executive Officer Paul Goldberg stated, “Growers and Universities have documented amazing results on a wide variety of crops worldwide. Our products will enable producers around the world to make better use of limited natural resources as they work to improve food supply.”

The new company plans to scale through strategic distribution partnerships globally, coupled with experienced in-country agronomists, logistical support, and warehousing.

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