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Rocky Morningside releases newest single Web alongside His Re-Release of Dracula just in time for Halloween

To help you get in the Halloween spirit, Rocky Morningside releases newest single Web to accompany his single Dracula

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 26, 2020 / -- Rocky Morningside releases new single in time for Halloween with spooky, dark rock sounds named Web. Web is Rocky’s newest song which speaks from the perspective of a spider. He also re releases one of his popular songs Dracula. Rocky has a skill for mixing the macabre with sexy and darkness. Rocky’s music is diverse and may not fit one category defined as classic rock, pop or rap but rather influenced by all.

Rocky talks about the new project Web, “Spiders construct elaborate, extremely intricate webs, setting them up in promising areas of insect travel then wait to see what happens. It’s a lot like song writing. A lot goes into the foundation of a piece of music. The idea has to be solid. The structure, instrumentation, and even ambience have to work in concert to lure the listener or from a spiders prospective, prey. Each song that I write is personal to me. It’s an expression of something that has inspired me or something less inspiring that I went through. It’s a means of celebrating or letting go of something that has effected me deeply. I took a break from song writing a few times back and it felt miserable. I have to create to grow. Much like a spider, it’s a means of survival. I could be one of those artists that say “oh I write music just for me” but that’s not completely so. Of course I make music for me but I also write vague and open ended lyrical pieces that can be relatable from many prospectives and many different personality types. Like a “web” I try to make my songs as sticky as possible with the hope that listeners and fans alike can enjoy my take on a subject.”

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Rocky Morningside Bio
Rocky Morningside’s artistic approach is an anomaly, deviating from the standard norm of the typical musical genre. His music is not HipHop. It’s not Rock. It’s not Pop either. Rocky’s music is a little bit of all of those which headmits leaves him sort of orbiting in a space of his own. “People love me or they hate me” says the Louisiana based artist. “The people who get me stick with me. People who don’t talk mad shit which is generally amusing. I make music for me to channel emotions or to filter life’s negatives. I hope people like it but if they don’t fuck em. I will always write more music and I am always perfecting my craft so maybe I will win some of those critics over down the road as my sound matures. My music has its own identity. The freedom of self expression and the true essence of art is one’s unique individual approach to or outcome of something that they’re truly passionate about. That is the foundation from which everything I make creatively is based upon.” Morningside has spent the majority of his quarantine making music and staying fit. “An entertainer should be fit and never be lazy because it’s his or her job to entertain” he says. Fans can expect a more polished sound from Rocky Morningside in an avalanche of new music coming from him tentatively around the beginning of summer. “The new music is a lot more melody driven. I brought in guitars, bass, keys, other instruments, and really went back to my rock roots on a lot of the new material. My love for HipHop will never go away but I find it harder to resonate a message with within that genre because it has changed so much.
Rocky grew up listening to classic rock with his father. Having always liked the song Rocky teamed up with friend and fellow entertainer One Touch to remake “These Eyes” with a flare. Rocky laid a HipHop beat for the foundation in collaboration with music producer Focuz Muzik. Rocky brought in guitars, bass, key’s and recorded the live instruments in his Louisiana studio, engineering and producing the project himself.

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