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HVAC Company Goes Over Furnace & Boiler Repair for Local PA Homeowners

HTR Mechanical, Bucks County PA HVAC Company, releases a blog about furnace and boiler repairs just in time for winter for local homeowners.

MORRISVILLE, PA, US, October 26, 2020 / -- Everything you Need to Know About Boilers & Furnace Repairs

As winter approaches it is important to make sure your heating system is well maintained and ready to serve! First things first are knowing what you have and how that impacts to kinds of things to look out for. If you have a furnace you’ll have different maintenance needs than if you have a boiler. Which also means furnace repairs are going to be different than boiler repairs. HTR Mechanical wants Bucks and Montgomery County, PA homeowners to know that they can help you with any HVAC system if they need maintenance or repair.

Furnace vs. Boilers

Furnaces heat the air that is then distributed through the home via the ductwork. While this doesn't heat as evenly as boilers, because of hot air rises and cool air sinks. Often found in modern homes, furnaces are commonly fueled by gas or electricity. If properly maintained they can last around 15 to 20 years. Overall they are fairly inexpensive and easy to install, maintain, and own.

Boilers heat fluids that are then moved through pipes giving an even radiant heat throughout the home. These heating units are more often found in older homes rather than newer ones. Boilers are fueled by natural gas, propane, oil, and even wood. Just like furnaces, boilers can last around 15 to 20 years if properly maintained. Installing a boiler is going to be expensive and more complicated than if you installed a furnace instead.

Common Furnace Repairs

1. Cracked Heat Exchanger – This pricey repair can be prevented with regular maintenance. This part is important because it separates the combustion process from the breathing air in your furnace.
2. Dirty Filters – If you want your furnace to run efficiently then you’ll want to make sure your filters are cleaned or replaced regularly.
3. Slipped or Frayed Blower Belt – If you hear a high-pitched squeal then it might be the belt. The blower moves the warm air throughout the house, thus if the belt goes then the air isn’t being distributed.
4. Electric Ignition or Pilot Light Control Problems – The ignition of the pilot light is the heating element of the furnace, so if you notice a drop in the heat you might need a professional to look at this.
5. Malfunctioning Thermostat – If your thermostat is malfunctioning it can mess with the fan and comfort levels of your home so if you notice anything off about it be sure to call for help.
6. Worn Out Ball Bearings – Usually signified by a scraping sound, if you hear this you’ll want to turn off the furnace and call an HVAC expert right away.

Common Boiler Repairs

1. Leaks – Since boilers are designed to be airtight, any leaking is a severe issue. The source of the leak must be found, repaired and the lost water replaced right away.
2. Low Water Pressure – Listen for any rumbling sounds because it is a sign of overheating. Leaving your system like this can cause extensive and pricey repairs.
3. Corroded Parts – Rust sometimes can get into the boiler and usually means it needs to be replaced. This problem can be limited by regular maintenance.
4. Broken Circulator Pump – If your heat seems to have stopped but the boiler still seems to be running then the issue is likely the circulator pump. This is a common and fairly easy job for professional HVAC service providers.
5. Dirty Tanks – Every now and then the water in the boiler gets dirty with sediment and needs to be replaced with clean water. Regular cleaning keeps the efficiency up in your boiler.
6. Burnt-Out Heating Element – In electric boilers there are two heating elements that warm the water inside the tank. If one goes then the temperature will drop, and thus the element will need to be replaced.

Be sure to check out HTR Mechanical, LLC. online to learn more about their HVAC services including heating and air conditioning maintenance for the local Bucks and Montgomery County, PA areas.

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