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Powered by Green Energy: University of California Partners with Archaea Energy, 15 Year Agreement Signed

Archaea Energy and the University of California announce a long-term agreement for renewable natural gas supplied from a California landfill.

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 26, 2020 / -- Archaea Energy, LLC and the University of California announced the finalization of a long-term agreement for renewable natural gas supplied from a California landfill.

Archaea Energy, LLC, a nationwide green energy developer, is helping the University of California move one step closer to achieving carbon neutrality by 2025 with the signing of a 15-year agreement to supply renewable natural gas (RNG) from Archaea’s San Bernardino, California landfill gas plant. If not collected and processed, landfill gas escapes into the atmosphere where it is 25 times more destructive than CO2 as greenhouse gas. The EPA considers reducing landfill emissions “one of the best ways to achieve a near-term beneficial impact” on climate change.

Achaea’s technology at the San Bernardino landfill siphons, collects and cleans landfill gases, converting them from harmful greenhouse gases to safe, reliable green energy in the form of RNG. At the University of California, RNG will provide power and heat for the University’s buildings. More importantly, the 450,000 million British thermal units per year of RNG Archaea delivers will enable the University of California to avoid over 450,000 tons of CO2 emissions (1), the lifetime emissions equivalent of almost 14,000 passenger cars (2).

According to Nick Stork, Archaea’s CEO, “The University of California is an ideal partner for us. They share our long-term vision for sustainable development and recognize renewable natural gas is not only environmentally responsible, but also economically viable. We are proud to help move them closer to carbon neutrality”.

In addition to the San Bernardino site, Archaea is actively developing four other RNG-producing sites over the next few years, including two in California.

Archaea Energy, LLC: Redefining Renewable
Archaea Energy, LLC is a nationwide developer of renewable energy resources, especially RNG projects. Its RNG projects curb greenhouse gas pollution and create sustainable energy, local investment, and green jobs, and improve local air quality. Its principals are leaders in the field of renewable energy and its partners include some of North America’s most environmentally responsible, socially conscious, and forward-thinking institutions – all of whom rely on Archaea RNG to decarbonize and meet their internal and external renewable energy goals.

(1) 454,493.44 total tons of CO2 (tCO2e) avoided as calculated by Ruby Canyon Environmental
(2) 13,993.02 vehicle equivalents of CO2 calculation and assumptions.
CO2 per vehicle life: 11,500mi*353g*8yrs = 32.48 tons
Vehicle equivalent reduction: 454,493.44 Total tCO2e from (1) above / 32.48 tons per vehicle = 13,993.02 vehicles
Miles per year = 11,500 & Vehicle Lifetime = 8 years / EPA Green Vehicle Guide CO2/mile = 353g / EPA Automotive Trends Report

David Phillips, Associate Vice President of Energy and Sustainability, University of California
(510) 987-9365

Ro Rozier
Archaea Energy