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Behavioral Change Expert Adele Spraggon to be Featured on Close Up Radio

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, October 26, 2020 / -- What if how we are instructed to set and achieve our goals is incorrect? What if we are using the wrong operating instructions? In the last few decades, brain research is transforming everything we know about ourselves and the world.

Are you really in charge of the choices you make? Science has discovered that what feels to us to be a free and conscious choice, originates in the unconscious regions of our brain. Patterns drive our actions; patterns that were created when we were young and continue to this day.

Almost all of the personal and professional development on the market today concentrates on changing your actions. According to behavioral change expert Adele Spraggon, while this approach can be effective, it is limited.

Adele shows entrepreneurs and professionals on how to improve leadership and innovation through transformative decision-making. Adele uses a proprietary science-based methodology that helps her clients make better choices, and thereby change their beliefs, change their behaviors and take new and effective actions.

"Part of my strength is listening, but it's the tool I teach that does the bulk of the work. It really does shift people's behaviors and actions," says Adele.

We live in a world of blame and shame. When we understand that internal decision-making patterns drive our choices, all that blame and shame go away. Knowing how to change the patterns that are in control of our decisions, changes everything.

"Change one action at a time, one behavior at a time, one belief at a time," says Adele. "Too often, we believe the problem is external to ourselves. If it lives out there, then we don't have to confront where the problem really lies. When we flip that switch and acknowledge our pattern without blame, that is a powerful place to stand."

Prior to this work, Adele struggled for years with making bad decisions.

"I did a lot of personal and professional development, but I still found that I could not be successful," says Adele. "I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I quit three businesses because of my poor decisions, leaving chaos behind me."

That's when Adele decided it was time to step into a new identity of love. Her work has since brought Adele all over the world, teaching clients across four continents how to make optimal choices that support a life of passion and purpose.

"Regardless of where anybody comes from, when they get the tool, and they know how to use it correctly, it just works," says Adele. “The regret, anxiety, and confusion that come from making poor decisions disappear using this tool," says Adele, "but I am just a vehicle, the messenger that delivers the message."

By working with our patterns, we can reach a place where we are confident to take risks, and even make mistakes without making it personal.

"There's such a peace of mind in being able to trust yourself," says Adele. "It's not just inner peace because it's inner peace in action, and I think that's the difference."

Close Up Radio will feature Adele Spraggon in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on October 28, at 1pm EDT

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