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FinTech Studios Launches RegLens (TM) Regulatory Change Management Cloud Platform Leveraging AI, Machine Learning & NLP

AI-based intelligence search and analytics platform for Wall Street

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PwC Netherlands Also Signs Partnership Agreement to License RegLens for their clients and professionals

RegLens, combined with our industry intelligence, analyses and regulatory insights, will be integrated into our new Regulatory Analysis Platform (RAP) to help our clients, particularly banks”
— Abdellah M’Barki, Partner at PwC Netherlands
NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, October 22, 2020 / -- New York, NY October 22, 2020. FinTech Studios™, the leading AI-based intelligent search and analytics platform for financial institutions and corporations, announced today the launch of RegLens™, a revolutionary AI-based cloud platform designed for financial institutions, consulting firms, corporations and regulators to intelligently monitor, analyze and manage rapidly changing regulatory changes globally from millions of business, financial and regulatory sources in 42 languages. In addition, FinTech Studios and PwC Netherlands also announced today the signing of an agreement to license RegLens for PwC clients as well as for internal use within PwC Netherlands.

RegLens leverages Amazon AWS scalable cloud technology combined with FinTech Studios artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) technology to rapidly analyze unstructured data in real-time from millions of online business, financial and regulatory sources in 42 languages.

RegLens is powerful yet easy to use and includes regulatory, risk and compliance channels and dashboards to instantly access breaking important regulatory events from thousands of local, regional, national and global regulatory sources and jurisdictions, including US Federal agencies, US States, and other international countries, regions and jurisdictions globally. Users can intelligently search, filter, analyze and translate millions of global regulatory updates in 42 languages to see the relevant laws, rules, proposals, amendments and other regulatory events that impact their business.

“Tens of thousands of financial institutions and corporations globally face significant costs and risks in monitoring rapidly changing global regulations, laws, standards, rules and related market and regulatory events, as well as evaluating their business impact. RegLens is an AI-based legal regulatory change management (LRCM) platform that can provide massive productivity gains, time savings, cost savings, and significant reduction of financial and non-financial risks. RegLens can provide critical insights for senior managers to understand regulatory trends, identify opportunities to improve the regulatory change management process and save substantially on operating costs, regulatory fines and related legal costs.” said Jim Tousignant, founder and CEO of FinTech Studios.

Abdellah M’Barki, Partner at PwC Netherlands said, “we are very happy to partner with FinTech Studios. We will use their AI-based platform for our clients and for internal use. RegLens, combined with our industry intelligence, analyses and regulatory insights, will be integrated into our new Regulatory Analysis Platform (RAP) to help our clients, particularly banks and other financial institutions, to successfully navigate the increasingly challenging regulatory landscape. The sophisticated technology makes RAP suitable for a wide range of regulations and standards, including prudential regulation and sustainable finance regulation. We bring RAP to our clients as a Software as a Solution, allowing it to be almost a plug and play solution. We are convinced that RAP, with its customizable regulatory channels, dashboards and workflows, combined with intelligent search, filtering and analytics, will improve efficiency and compliance significantly for our clients and for us”, said Mr. M’Barki.

RegLens dashboards include AI-based News, Trending News, Media Coverage, Word Cloud and Co-Mentions widgets that leverage user-defined “channels” to filter relevant regulatory content and analytics over various timeframes, including:

• Trending News: View the top relevant, trending regulatory articles over any selected time frame

• Media Coverage: Graphically monitor the pace of regulatory-related articles being published across any state, country, topic or industry over any selected time frame

• Co-Mentions: Quickly identify which companies, people, topics, regulatory agencies and industries are most co-mentioned at global, regional and local levels over any selected time frame

• Word Cloud: Surface “top trending” regulatory keywords from millions of articles displayed as visual word clouds of the top trending words mentioned in regulatory-related laws, rules, proposals, amendments, executive orders, and other regulatory documents over any selected time frame

RegLens can:
• Identify legal and regulatory obligations to help manage business, operational and reputational risks
• Monitor regulatory changes and alert clients to relevant regulatory events and risk conditions
• Build and maintain digital inventories of relevant legal obligations
• Map legal obligations to internal workflows, processes and policies
• Build regulatory change management processes
• Integrate with other regulatory content, applications, GRCs and workflows

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