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15% Increase in Canadian Businesses Using Video Storytelling in Their Marketing

Video Production is increasing Canada

Video Production and its use for social media content is increasing Canada

And Why Videos are Taking over Social Media

Video Content is the Blockbuster. On average videos hold attention longer. This means your future content is more likely to show to those same people over again. They create a compound effect.”
— Jared VanderMeer - Director of Operations - Magnolias Consulting
EDMONTON, AB, CANADA, October 16, 2020 / -- Canadian Consumers Expect Video Content from Brands

Canadian businesses are catching onto the video storytelling trend that is sweeping the marketing world both in Canada and further afield. According to Statista, both businesses and marketing agencies in Canada increased their use of video by 15% from 2018 to 2019.

This is a significant year over year increase. However, we can see how and why video production is becoming more popular and why more businesses in Canada will use video content in their marketing in 2020.

Videos Grab Attention in the Digital World

As we spend more time online scrolling through the internet, our attention spans are shortening. What does catch our attention nowadays? You guessed it... Videos.

Video is a medium that allows us to showcase our brands in real-time. Not only does this allow for personalization in the online world, but it also allows us to have a complete experience without leaving our homes. In the COVID-19 era, this is essential for all businesses.

Searchable Video Content

It’s not just businesses that are realizing the value of video content in Canada. Search engines and social media platforms are beginning to favour video content over static content like images and text. This results in more touchpoints, more visibility, and more engagement with your brand in an online setting.

Video content is becoming the standard in many locations on the internet. YouTube is one of the world’s largest search engines, with billions of people searching for video content each day. New features and social media platforms are also reinforcing the importance of video content. Platforms like TikTok are taking off quickly, while video features (like IGTV) have become essential elements of social media platforms.

These developments show that the emphasis is now firmly on video content. Simply put, the future of Canadian marketing is in video!

How to Make Your Video Content Stand Out

As video content becomes more popular, video marketing strategies are at the forefront for marketing companies, marketing YouTubers, and creators across Canada. With more businesses creating great video content, it’s important to stand out. Making it more difficult to decide on a direction is the fact that the possibilities are endless when it comes to video marketing.

There are two options for creating top-notch videos that will showcase your brand in an eye-catching way. First, you can create your own videos using at-home equipment such as phones, lapel microphones, and free editing software. However, more businesses are turning toward professional video production. Although it costs more, it comes with the benefit of high-quality sound, picture, and speeds.

Regardless of which direction makes the most sense for video content, it’s essential that every Canadian business starts creating more video content each day.

Create Better Video Content for Your Business

Video content marketing is a sure-fire way to start marketing your business more successfully online. It takes courage and creativity, but in the end, it is a marketing strategy that will bring you some of the greatest opportunities for brand recognition and long-term ROI.

If you have questions about creating video content or professional video production, reach out to local video production companies. Our experts offer brands comprehensive video marketing plans or creative video production services.

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