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Murray Scores Major Points

Shows Carney Plays Politics With His Decisions

I am in this race so that Delawareans have a choice for a fresh start to restore balance to this State. Balance isn’t just Republican versus Democrat. It is We the People’ versus Career Politicians.”
— Julianne Murray

SEAFORD, DE, UNITED STATES, October 14, 2020 / -- Today, Republican gubernatorial nominee, Julianne Murray scored decisive points in the “Delaware Debates” Gubernatorial Debate. In this evening’s debate, Murray drew a sharp contrast between career politician John Carney’s Delaware way of playing politics and her ‘We the People’ campaign of bringing balance to state government. She is running to give a voice to Delawareans and not the lobbyists that control John Carney.

“Tonight, Carney showed that four more years of his Delaware Way will mean the lobbyists and donors will get richer and more powerful, while regular Delawareans will continue to suffer,” said Julianne Murray following the debate. “This state needs balance instead of one-party rule that only benefits those with influence in Dover. We can see what the results of the Delaware Way has been after four years of career politician John Carney.”

“Time and again, regardless of the issue, John Carney plays politics. Be it education, crime, the economy, or COVID, it is all political double-speak. Delaware can and must do better. We need accountability and a governor who serves all the people not the special interests.”

On the issue of crime, Murray brought up how tackling crime in Wilmington, was going to be one of Carney’s top priorities when elected in 2016 and violent crime continues to increase. The Carney way has failed. Delaware under Murray will have a governor who works with law enforcement and local leaders to end the scourge of violent crime that has plagued Wilmington for far too long.

On education, she pointed out that Carney played politics with the timing of a settlement of the lawsuit that the Delawareans for Educational Opportunity and the NAACP of Delaware had filed against the state in 2018 over education funding. Time and again, she pointed out that Carney has played politics with education and only taken up issues when election time rolled by. She pointed out that he said that he would make education in Wilmington a top priority in 2016, yet the system is still failing.

“After four years of John Carney, are you better off now then you were four years ago,” said Murray in her closing remarks. “We are out of balance because of career politicians like John Carney who are completely out of touch with Delawareans. I am in this race so that Delawareans have a choice for a fresh start and to restore balance to this State. Balance isn’t just Republican versus Democrat. It is ‘We the People’ versus ‘Career Politicians.’”

Murray warned Delawareans not to “be fooled when Governor Carney says that his 7 month state of emergency is justified because he was following the science. It simply isn’t true. It is politics not science when you funnel everyone to big box stores and shut down small businesses. It is politics not science when you allow youth football but kids can’t be in school.”

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