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TechScreen Certified: Announcing first Technical certification for Recruiters

TechScreen Certification

TechScreen Certified

TechScreen is introducing the world's ONLY technical certification for recruiters: TechScreen Certified

TechScreen enables us to screen candidates for our customers in a way that we would not be able to without the tool. It helps us weed out fake candidates and produces a report we give to the client.”
— Jess Doherty

MANSFIELD, MA, UNITED STATES, October 13, 2020 / -- Techscreen, Inc., the world’s only SaaS solution that guides a recruiter through conducting a detailed interview of an IT candidate, will be introducing the world's only technical certification for recruiters - TechScreen Certified.

"This is something I wish we did a while ago, but I am excited to be announcing this historic industry certification," TechScreen CEO Mark Knowlton said. "There are dozens of different certifications for the recruiting space, but so many of them are either focused on HR process, like SHRM (Senior Human Resources Professional) or for just basic recruiter blocking and tackling like the CPC (Certified Professional Consultant). Our certification will give IT recruiters substantive understanding of technical topics that are explained in the context of how the information should be used to qualify candidates."

Users will be given instructions on how things work from a technical perspective, but will be done in an illustrative way so they can picture the moving parts of something complex and have a grasp of the context of them. All of the content will be geared around how this information can be used specifically to qualify IT candidates. One major difference between the TechScreen course and other technical training meant to help educate recruiters on IT topics is that the certification process comes with a license of the TechScreen product.

"There is plenty of content out there meant to help spoon-feed recruiters some tutorials explaining different parts of the software development process, but content alone is highly perishable," Knowlton said. "Try remembering a pile of detailed instructions or explanations of some complex topic and how long can you leverage that as top-of-mind material? A week? A month? How much review will you need to do to keep the content refreshed in your mind?

"When you go through our curriculum, it comes with a TechScreen license, so you can leverage it to constantly reinforce your recollection of the technical content. Our platform has questions and answers for 120 IT topics, so our users will always be able to work within the guardrails of a system that shows you the questions and answers to everything they are discussing with candidates," Knowlton said. "We know recruiters are not engineers and everyone has their own facility to grasp and absorb technical concepts. Our platform levels the playing field for recruiters because you don't need to commit anything to memory to ask a developer a blistering question on Java."

TechScreen is deploying this solution to help fill a huge vacuum in the IT recruiting space. Do a Google search on the expression "why do software engineers hate recruiters?" and you will see a jaw-dropping string of links that are loaded with expletive-laced vitriol. Recruiters are put into the unenviable position of having to serve as a broker between two different deeply technical clients: Hiring managers and the candidates they covet. Creating this technical certification is the next logical step to help a recruiter build a greater trust relationship with candidates and managers."

TechScreen will have modules that break down the details of Application Architecture & Design, Databases & Data Sources, Networking, Systems & Infrastructure, QA & Testing, REST & Web Services, Libraries & Frameworks, InfoSec, among other vertical areas of technical focus. There will also be extensive advanced instruction on the use of it's one-of-a-kind screening tool TechScreen.

"The entire HR Tech space has been falling all over itself to figure out how to inject Machine Learning and AI into every tool across the spectrum. Our focus is to look at what problem are you focused on solving?," Knowlton said. "The biggest problem in this space is the vacuum between recruiters, candidates and managers in regard to true engagement. Developers are intuitively suspicious of recruiters because most experienced hands have had negative interactions with recruiters.

"It is very difficult for a recruiter to stand apart from their peers in the eyes of a developer, especially in an initial contact. Using our tool to engage levels the playing field in a pleasantly surprising way for candidates. Instead of being asked 'what version of Java are you using?', they may be asked to detail the differences between a Hash Map and a Tree Map'. Our users will use our tool to more effectively engage with their respective audiences. Use the tool to run the Job Intake call, giving the manager the option of picking questions and then screen candidates against a set of questions that the manager says relates to their role."

TechScreen wants Recruiters to have a seat at the table when it comes to interacting with engineering managers and candidates. Most candidates respect what a recruiter brings to a relationship, but it can take a long time for them to gain the trust of a candidate. The same can be said of hiring managers, regardless if they are dealing with an external or internal recruiter. Being able to seamlessly engage into a detailed technical discovery conversation is the quickest way a recruiter can stand apart from other recruiters and begin working on the trust all recruiters want to gain with candidates.

The TechScreen platform helps recruiters inherit instant credibility with managers and candidates and the formal industry certification reinforces the fact that they are retaining that knowledge that will let them engage with both audiences like an industry peer.

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