Screaming Power and Trinidad & Tobago Electricity Commission Improve Customer Engagement and Energy Management Platform

Screaming Power and Trinidad & Tobago Electricity Commission improve customer engagement and energy management platform

PICTON, ONTARIO, CANADA, September 28, 2020 / -- Screaming Power, a leading North American provider of branded Utility billing, monitoring, conservation, and energy data management platforms has announced their entry into the Caribbean market. In the last 18 months Screaming Power has performed a market evaluation on the Caribbean with assistance from the Ontario and Canadian Government. Screaming Power sees this market segment as a strong fit for its cost-effective, flexible customer engagement solutions and analytics that leverage innovative data/system interaction and AI/machine learning. Improved end user interaction and education is a key objective for the platform and for the Utility of the future.

The market research has turned into Screaming Power’s first international sale, as we are happy to announce the recent implementation with the Trinidad & Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) which was awarded through a Request for Quotation (RFQ). Gary Michor, CEO of Screaming Power says, “Screaming Power looks for forward thinking Utilities and we are happy to say that T&TEC is one of them. We had the opportunity to start work just prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic challenges and we can honestly say T&TEC is embracing innovation in this unpredictable environment. We plan to be part of their energy management and customer engagement activities of the future.”

Change in the Utility industry is inevitable. Digital customer engagement is key to the future of the energy industry, since providing Energy information and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) education are instrumental in ensuring a strong economy for us all while supporting effective climate change efforts to sustain our environment. The relationship between T&TEC and Screaming Power has remained strong throughout these difficult times of COVID and both teams are proud of what they have achieved.

About Screaming Power

Screaming Power is revolutionizing customer engagement by providing a mobile platform that connects the energy user, allowing for effective and secure two-way communications to educate, change behaviour and encourage sustainability. Our extensible Intellectual Property provides a low-cost, digital infrastructure for a self-sustaining Eco-System. Our Scream Utility & Scream Enterprise mobile solutions focus on reducing ‘cost-to-service’ for utilities while driving satisfaction and facilitating the delivery of innovation (e.g., connectivity to the IoTs).

About the Trinidad & Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC)

The Trinidad & Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC) is a state-owned company and is the sole electricity distributor in the country. Electricity is generated using natural gas and is purchased from Independent Power Producers in Trinidad. T&TEC owns and operates a natural gas and diesel fired generation plant in Tobago.

T&TEC began operations in 1946, and today serves approximately 495,000 customers in three classes – residential, commercial and industrial. T&TEC currently has a total installed capacity of 2,103MW, with a peak demand of 1396MW.

Even with monopoly status, T&TEC continues to be innovative, to provide quality service to its customers. In 2007 it became one of the first Caribbean companies to introduce Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and has introduced other new customer facing and back-end technologies for an enhanced customer experience. In addition to its new Energy Management Application, the Commission in engaged in a long-term project to change out high pressure sodium streetlights to LEDs, and the introduction of largescale solar generated energy onto its grid by 2021.

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