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Acclaimed Plan B Business Author Courtney Epps Extols the Virtues of Social Business

What's Your Plan B

What's Your Plan B

In her best selling book ‘What's Your Plan B?’ author Courtney Epps helps readers position themselves for the fastest path to wealth and for giving back.

My purpose went from providing for my family and myself and helping clients to also working to eradicate childhood malnutrition.”
— Courtney Epps
GREERS, SOUTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, September 23, 2020 / -- In her widely acclaimed book ‘What's Your Plan B?’ author Courtney Epps provides insights to help readers position themselves for massive tax deductions and allow them to be on the fastest path to wealth. Yet, for Epps, one of the most influential parts of the book details a lesson that has left a deep and profound impact on her own life.

While researching the book, Epps’ was introduced to the idea of ‘social business,’ a business with an aim of addressing a social case. At first, Epps did not fully grasp the idea and considered it a sales gimmick. However, after meeting Sam Caster, founder of MannaRelief, a non-profit working to whole food nourishment to children in need, the power of social business became clear. “My purpose went from providing for my family and myself and helping clients to also working to eradicate childhood malnutrition,” says Epps.

Now, Epps is able to provide nourishment to children in need with every $1 her accounting practices make. And, because the donations to MannaRelief are based upon her practice’s gross income, she is able to write off 100-percent of the proceeds as the cost of goods sold. “There is nothing else like the feeling of knowing that because of our business, and that decision (to partner with MannaRelief), not only are we helping our clients and providing for ourselves, we are providing nourishment to more than 9,000 children a day,” exclaims Epps.

Epps’ believes social business is a way for people to find purpose in their lives, while also providing an opportunity to have financial benefits for their families. “I would suggest that you find something you are passionate about and give to that cause. When your passion and profits meet, it will create something inside you like I was also introduced to … which completely transformed my way of thinking. It made me want to strive to not only be better for myself but to also strive for a much bigger purpose than simply my own.”

The impact of working with MannaRelief has led Epps to aid in the efforts of two more non-profits: Operation Underground Railroad and The Last Well. Operation Underground Railroad works to help children escape from sex trafficking and provides them with care once they are freed. For the past 11 years, The Last Well has been on a mission to provide safe drinking water throughout Liberia.

Epps is also the owner of OTB Tax where they empower small-to-medium sized businesses and families to have a life that is more relaxing and less taxing. They do this through teaching tax minimization strategies, offering financial consulting services, and creating a community of wealthy minded. To learn more about OTB Tax, visit them online at

For more information about ‘What's Your Plan B?’ or to learn more about Courtney Epps, visit her online at To see her speak on social business, check out her YouTube video: To learn more about MannaRelief, visit: To learn more about operation Underground Railroad and its founder Tim Ballard, visit: To learn more about The Last Well, visit:

About Courtney Epps: Courtney is a tax strategist, international speaker, and author of the Best Selling books More Relaxing Less Taxing & What’s Your Plan B?. She owns a full-service accounting firm in South Carolina and serves clients in every state. She has owned her practice for nineteen years. What sets their firm apart is the tax strategy that it offers to clients as the focus is not just to prepare returns but to free up money legally, morally and ethically. She has developed a broad expertise in industries including traditional, home-based, and network-marketing businesses. She works with clients from start up to $100 million companies. Courtney's Mission: To Teach more people on how to free up money through tax strategy, so that we can help more, have more, so that they can live more, and give more so that we can feed more children, free more children and provide more safe drinking water. Courtney has figured out a way to combine your passion with your profits as she truly believes that by creating a social business entrepreneurs can change the world.

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