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Save 50% on SpeeyPrep's Test Prep for CLEP™, DSST™, & UExcel™ Exams

Save 50% on SpeeyPrep's Test Prep for CLEP™, DSST™, & UExcel™ Exams

If You Don't Pass, You Don't Pay

If You Don't Pass, You Don't Pay

Don't let school closings impact your college journey! Get college credit by passing CLEP, DSST, or UExcel exams with SpeedyPrep test prep.

College campuses are struggling to stay open due to COVID outbreaks and students are facing quarantines, closures, and uncertainty. SpeedyPrep is committed to helping these students stay on track.”
— Shara Wright, Executive VP, SpeedyPrep
ABILENE, TX, UNITED STATES, September 21, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ -- According to Forbes: "With Covid-19 still running its course and fall slowly approaching, colleges continue to tweak (and tweak again) their reopening plans. Some institutions have decided to open campus for a percentage of students who will attend college from their dorm rooms, while others, including the University of South Carolina, have decided to open for in-person instruction until Thanksgiving, only to switch to remote learning thereafter."*

SpeedyPrep is offering back to school pricing on all test prep products to help college students stay on track. If you have decided to sit this semester out, your school has closed or could close, testing out is an excellent way to earn college credit during this challenging time. SpeedyPrep is committed to offering an affordable option for college, military, homeschool, high school, and adult students to complete college credit.

SpeedyPrep test prep prepares you to earn college credit by testing out of college courses. SpeedyPrep is a recognized leader and premier provider of test prep course materials for “Credit-by-Exam/Testing Out” programs that are accepted at 92% of all US colleges and universities. SpeedyPrep Test Prep products include test preparation for the CLEP™ (College Level Examination Program), DSST™ (formerly DANTES), and UExcel ™ exams. SpeedyPrep's DSSTPrep is endorsed by and is an Official Test Prep Provider for Prometric/DSST credit-by-exam program.

“70 percent of CLEP™ exam takers said their CLEP™ credits made a difference in their ability to finance tuition and other fees.” – Academic Success in Higher Education, College Board

Credit by Examination – CLEP™, DSST™, ECE™, and UExcel™ (all forms of Prior Learning Assessments -PLA) were all created to help students earn college credit through examination, like the Advanced Placement (AP™) program for high school students. The main difference is that AP™ is accompanied by a high school course. SpeedyPrep students will have access to online test prep which prepares them for a designated exam. A progress bar will track the student's progression throughout the course, once the progress bar reaches 90% the student is ready to take the selected exam.

Anyone can use the 'Credit by Examination' option: college students, working adults, military service members, high school, and homeschool students. SpeedyPrep test prep, like the high school course, prepares anyone to pass these exams.

According to the Council on Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL), There is a higher degree completion rate for PLA students. "The 24,512 adult students (ages 25 and older) who earned PLA credits had a credential completion rate of 49 percent over the seven-and-a-half-year observation period, compared to 27 percent of adult students with no PLA credits. This includes completion of bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees, and certificates."**

Credit by examination is often used to complete general education courses like English, History, Math, and others. This reduces the cost of a student's degree and the time it takes to complete a college course. Students can save time, save money, and graduate sooner by testing out. They also increase their chances of graduating from college without debt. SpeedyPrep test prep backs all its products with a 100% money-back guarantee for the first time testing success.

What Do Real People Say About SpeedyPrep Test Prep?

“The format really works!”
I used Speedy Prep for three exams, and I passed them all. The format really works! The process of reading the questions, typing answers, and then seeing an explanation of the correct answer, gets all of the needed information into your brain quickly. The CLEP tests that I took were Information Systems, English Literature, and Natural Sciences. They were all challenging...I studied about an hour or two every night for a week with Speedy Prep and passed with plenty of room to spare. This was basically the same with all three exams. This has saved me so much time and money!
Thank you!!
— Stacy

“...now I’m able to graduate in May!”
I just finished taking my United States History 1 CLEP exam. I needed a 50 to pass, I got a 58! I was lacking 3 credits to graduate, so now I’m able to graduate in May! I’m so happy. I really appreciate your services, I will definitely be recommending SpeedyPrep to people I know.

“One more class to go and I am finished!”
I passed! I did the Humanities in 4 weeks. I completed 95% of the study materials and passed with a 53. You get all the basic info to pass and additional resources if you want to go deeper. Highly recommend!!! One more class to go and I am finished!!! Thanks again. Amazing service!
– Jason T.

“able to pass a full semester”
After taking a semester off to travel around Asia, I was not expecting to graduate on time; however, with the help of SpeedyPrep, I was able to pass a full semester of CLEP Exams and graduate on time, in addition to saving tens of thousands of dollars!
Thanks, SpeedyPrep!

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