Making Education Possible™ announces four new partners: Grantham University, GraduateU, ClearDegree, & StandingOut\W3.

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Stephen Krempl, former VP of of Global Learning for Starbucks

Stephen Krempl, former VP of of Global Learning for Starbucks

MEP members can apply for a $5,000 scholarship  to Grantham University.  The application deadline in December 31, 2020.

MEP members can apply for a $5,000 scholarship to Grantham University. The application deadline in December 31, 2020.

Our new partner, Grantham University, will award a $5,000 scholarship to a Making Education Possible member once a year.

StandingOut\W3 is proud to partner with MEP to provide the communication skills which enable employees to stand out by more effectively collaborating and contributing virtually and in-person.”
— Stephen Krempl, CEO Winning in the Work World & StandingOut\W3
ABILENE, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, September 3, 2020 / -- Making Education Possible™ (MEP) is a members-only portal that helps individuals get the skills and training they need to succeed without accumulating massive debt. MEP partners with companies and associations to provide education discounts and employee benefits. MEP offers discounts on degree planning, college tuition discounts from over 25 colleges & universities, college credit test prep, and discounts on everyday living expenses to all members.

MEP is offering a reduced annual membership fee of $29.00 for individuals until December 31, 2020, to help displaced students during this difficult time. Our partner SpeedyPrep has also reduced their subscriptions for college credit by exam test prep by 50% to help students reduce college costs.

MEP's discount partners include LifeMart™ (discounts on life's everyday needs & some fun stuff too), SpeedyPrep™ test prep for CLEP™ & DSST™ exams, RNNursing Prep™ test prep for ECE™ & UExcel™ exams, NAPNES online certificates for Licensed Practical Nurses,
and CNANursingPrep™ test prep for the CNA challenge exam. MEP members also have access to a scholarship search tool, links to free online prep courses for the ACT, SAT, and TEAS, and many other free services.

MEP is excited to announce four new partnerships:

MEP members can now apply for a $5,000 scholarship offered by our new partner, Grantham University. The application deadline is December 31, 2020, and the winner will be announced on February 15, 2021. Grantham’s 100% online degree programs are designed for adult learners. Their eight-week classes are flexible and affordable: they offer one of the lowest tuition rates in the nation, plus generous credit transfers and reduced rates for first responders, military, veterans, and families.

MEP members will now receive a 10% discount on StandingOut|W3, StandingOut\W3 helps employees to develop and master the critical power skills to Communicate Confidently, Connect Personally, and to Standout with their colleagues, with their manager, and Senior Management, both virtually and in person.

Winning in the Work World\5% Zone are ten (10) video-based micro coaching lessons developed by Stephen Krempl, the former Chief Learning Officer for Starbucks and Yum! Brands. Stephen had a front-row seat observing how some employees contribute more effectively and stand out using superior communication skills. Being seen and heard is more important now with employees, managers, and Senior management working from home, virtually connecting with each other.

Stephen’s Winning in the Work World philosophy is 95% of the time, you can be who you are. There are times you need to stand out, and that is when you switch to your 5% Zone. Winning in the Work World\5% Zone will help people working from home and working virtually to improve their communication skills so important today.

Additionally, MEP has partnered with 2-degree planning programs: ClearDegree and GraduateU. ClearDegree is *the* unique Education Concierge service exclusively for working professionals seeking an online degree. ClearDegree provides one on one, customized guidance for clients and employees trying to navigate thousands of available online degrees in order to find their best combination of brand, price, and program.

ClearDegree works at degree levels from Associate to Ph.D., including even Certification programs. The ClearDegree multi-step process begins with a comprehensive client interview, continues with a curated list of initial options and client interactions, and finishes with in-depth school interviews on behalf of each client. The service also includes a customized presentation of transfer-credit options to potentially save each client months of time and thousands of dollars.

Before ClearDegree, too many working professionals end up making a bad choice, wasting time and lots of money on a degree that many never even finish. With ClearDegree working, professionals have a partner with the time, tools, and expertise to ensure that their specific needs and interest are driving the search to find the best possible match.

GraduateU is a college completion consultation service for adults going back to college who want to save money, save time, and feel academically confident! GU hosts the Back to College Companion Podcast where hosts Clifford Stumme and Caleb Childers tell the stories of successful adults, give advice, and answer questions. And the GraduateU Adults Going Back to College Facebook group provides a place of community for adults starting out on this difficult but rewarding journey! GraduateU celebrates and supports the important and life-changing journey of adults returning to college.

Making Education Possible is committed to making education affordable and accessible to everyone!

Go to to explore affordable degree programs at Grantham University.

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