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NBC Cares Palm Springs The Sanitizer Company www.Sanitizer.Co a Gift Keeps Giving Helping Coachella Valley Homeless

The Sanitizer Company's Anna Miller holding a bottle of Toprosan™ 75% ethyl alcohol liquid sanitizer.  It kills COVID 19

The Sanitizer Company's Anna Miller holding a bottle of Toprosan™ 75% ethyl alcohol liquid sanitizer. It kills COVID 19

Toprosan™ 75% Alcohol Liquid Sanitizer at www.Sanitizer.CO

Toprosan™ 75% Alcohol Liquid Sanitizer

The Sanitizer Company - www.Sanitizer.CO

The Sanitizer Company - www.Sanitizer.CO

Palm Springs business woman and entrepreneur, Anna Miller, interviewed on NBC Cares Silver Linings for contributions to fight Covid-19 in Coachella Valley.

"At 75% alcohol sanitizer kills all known viruses, bacteria and fungi. Unlike many of the products on the market, our sanitizer meets that goal.”
— Anna Miller, The Sanitizer Company
PALM SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA, US, September 22, 2020 / -- Coachella Valley local business The Sanitizer Company was selected by NBC Cares Host Sandie Newton for a featured segment on NBC Cares Palm Springs Silver Linings in September. The Coachella Valley’s www.Sanitizer.Co is a Philanthropic Business offering a 30% savings (coupon code NBC30) as well as matching donations to Martha's Village & Kitchen and Well in the Desert homeless shelters. For every bottle of sanitizer purchased and every face mask purchased The Sanitizer Company donates one to the homeless. The NBC segment featuring The Sanitizer Company (www.Sanitizer.Co) can be viewed on the NBC Cares Palm Springs website.

The Palm Springs local business woman, entrepreneur and e-tailer, Anna Miller, was interviewed on the NBC Cares Silver Linings segment for her ongoing contributions to fight Covid-19 in the Coachella Valley. The Sanitizer Company Mission is to provide the highest quality products in the fight against COVID-19. Her Company’s Vision is to kill the corona virus.

NBC Cares highlights Miller's journey with The Sanitizer Company. Miller’s journey begins with a 2020 Mother’s Day gift from her son – a current topic, timely and unique domain name She eagerly joined the fight against COVID by building a website stocked with high quality certified face masks, a variety of personal protective products, ultra violet LED lamps, non-contact thermometers, no-contact soap and sanitizer dispensers, nitrile rubber gloves, moisture lotion, essential scented oils and FDA registered 75% ethyl alcohol liquid sanitizer.

The Toprosan™ trademark was born “To Protect and Sanitize.” Toprosan™ sanitizer is made using FDA approved ethyl alcohol to effectively kill the corona virus on hands and surfaces. Using sanitizer whenever soap and water is not available reduces the spread of COVID-19.

"At 75% alcohol sanitizer kills all known viruses, bacteria and fungi,” says Miller. "Unlike many of the products on the market, our sanitizer meets that goal.”

The Sanitizer Company's website has Toprosan™ antiseptic disinfectant spray bottles of liquid sanitizer in a variety of shapes and sizes with clever spray containers, refillable pens and funnels for replenishing, foaming soap dispensers, and 3D printed ear-savers protectors. Miller leaves no stone unturned in her hunt to kill the virus. Besides her FDA approved antiseptic sanitizer formula, she also carries products including non-medical disposable three and five layer face masks superior to regular face masks due to their layered filters. The face masks filter out disease by blocking viruses and bacteria. Wearing high quality face masks prevent the spread of the corona virus.

Toprosan™ created three products to protect and sanitize: Sanitizer, Moisture Lotion and Essential Oils. All of the Toprosan™ products are plant-based vegan, earth-friendly, carbon neutral, biodegradable, all-natural, organic and sustainable. The Sanitizer Company offers scented essential oils to use “with” the unscented, non-sticky, liquid formula, for those who prefer a mild fragrance. The Sanitizer Company’s newest arrival to combat dry skin “after” using alcohol based sanitizer will be announced as soon as next week. Après Toprosan™ is a new creamy hand and body moisturizing lotion to combat dry skin as a result of constant washing and sanitizing.

The Sanitizer Company is owned and operated by women, and Miller has wholly-committed the company to killing this deadly virus by providing easy access to the tools needed to combat its spread. Miller goes even further by matching orders with product donations continuing her philanthropic commitment to helping the homeless and those in need residing in the Coachella Valley.

NOTE: Toprosan™ products are plant-based, organic and vegan. They are never, and will never be, tested on animals.

For more details and information, or to use the discount coupon code NBC30 before September 30th, visit The Sanitizer Company website at

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