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National Student Mock Election Announces Partnership with AmericaU to bring kid-driven, game-based learning to Civics

It’s like Minecraft and Fortnite for Civics and 21st Century Life-skills learning!

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, September 18, 2020 / -- The National Student Mock Election (NSME) announces today its new partnership with AmericaU – the world leading kid-driven, game-based learning platform.

NSME was founded in 1980. By 1984, 2 million students were participating in their ground-breaking mock elections, and 5 million by 1988; former presidents Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford became Co-chairs; and, a strong National Advisory Board was enacted with power figures like First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton, as well as Paul Kirk, Frank Fahrenkopf, Bill Diamond, William Milliken, Charles Robb, and Roy Rommer, to name a few.

NSME has been a leader in student mock elections for decades and it now making a significant move to maintain its relevance in the 21st century. “We are excited to be at this stage in our project’s growth”, states Ramon Barquin, Chairman of NSME, “We live in an exciting world now with technology driving our actions every day. Our youth are particularly affected by technology and we as adults need to present learning opportunities using the latest and greatest in technology – AmericaU does just that”.

Leveraging the very successful gameplay of games like Minecraft and Fortnite, GlobalU has created a game that kids like to play, but one where the kids learn critical life skills like entrepreneurship, health & wellness, good character and civics. “Just imagine a student as excited about playing the AmericaU learning game, as they are playing Fortnite. Given this dynamic there’s no need for the teacher to teach nor even allocate classroom time – the student will do it on their own and during their own time”, states Scott Dow, President of AmericaU.

Once the students have voted on the NSME site, they will be rewarded with a free 1 year scholarship to AmericaU (normally costs $500/yr). They will then join their peers in the game as they learn the importance of civics in a democratic country as they learn how to create wealth, health and character. This is not a one-time event, but rather a multi-year experience of why, what and how a country is formed.

How it works:

Every election year we ask ourselves: Why is voting such an important part of an individual's success in life?

By performing the simple, yet extremely powerful act of voting, you are becoming an active participant in a society that has been built over centuries by providing its citizens with opportunities to create wealth, ownership, good health and character - a society that is free and prosperous. Voting for that system makes you an active participant in what we call the American Dream. Sure it isn't a perfect system, but by studying the issues of an election, evaluating the candidates and their proposals, and making informed and intelligent decisions when you go to the polls, you can make your country better.
Life may be in chaos right now, but there's hope to rise up above the uncertainty, by using technology to learn and grow and become a participant in the new global economy!

Our country has a great resource - resilient kids. Its been a tough year - we want to turn those resilient kids into some of the most successful kids on the planet!

Go now to to register, cast your vote, and earn your $500 scholarship to AmericaU and start your daily journey to greatness! We know that our future has a bright tomorrow under your leadership. Onward! “Getting students excited about voting is one thing, but what we really need to do is help these students learn and practice civics and gain an understanding of why and what we’re voting for”, states Mr Barquin, “We invite all teachers across the country to offer this program to their students to help them become the next generation of leaders”.

If you want a link to give to your students to download the app, then please send us an email at

About the National Student Mock Election
The National Student Mock Election (NSME) is the world’s largest national mock election. It is the Nation’s largest civic education project ever, whose purpose is to empower a new generation of Americans to “preserve and protect” government of the people, by the people and for the people” for the generations to come. For more than 37 years, the Mock Election has played a critical role in the nation’s civic education of voters with over 67 million student participants. Its network of coordinators in every election include over 50,000 educators and parents in tens of thousands of schools in the United States, its territories, and Department of Defense School District overseas. Its mock elections have been showcased in Japan, Costa Rica, Chile, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Canada, and Mexico, among other countries. NSPME is an Arizona based non-profit, non-partisan, non-sectarian, 501(c)3 corporation with offices in Washington, DC, Tucson, and Puerto Rico. More information about the National Student Mock Election ant its activities at or

About AmericaU
AmericaU is a world leader in kid-driven, game-based learning that uses gaming to motivate kids to learn how to create wealth, health, good character and 21st century life-skills. Over the past 8 years, more than 10 million kids have learned how to be a successful citizen and global worker and leader. Working with organizations like Harvard, the US Dept of Justice and many non-profit and corporate leaders, AmericaU has become a supplemental learning platform for kids to learn life-skills such as entrepreneurship, health & wellness, character, civics and other 21st century skills. For more information go to

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