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Mechdyne’s TGX Connects Global Centers; Enables Real Time Work From Home and Remote Collaboration in CAD and Graphics.

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TGX Remote Desktop Enables Access to Graphics-Intensive Applications

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Work from home but have access to powerful remote workstations

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Mechdyne's TGX Remote Desktop

Reviewers report excellent experience connecting European office in North Carolina using Solidworks, Keyshot, and other 3D data. Users saw instant response.

With Mechdyne’s TGX Remote Workstation software, it’s possible to remote into the workstation and use it as if it were a local machine, with full 3D acceleration. Getting connected is incredibly easy”
— Greg Corke, Managing Editor Develop3D
MARSHALLTOWN, IOWA, UNITED STATES, September 17, 2020 / -- (September 17, 2020) – With work from home becoming the norm, organizations in game design, sports broadcasting, motion picture visual effects, and manufacturing are using TGX remote desktop from Mechdyne to harness the power of dedicated remote workstations to share high-resolution graphics and 3-D modeling across town and across the world.

Develop3D magazine published an independent remote desktop review reporting an excellent experience using Mechdyne’s TGX Remote Workstation software to connect to a large Solidworks assembly residing on a different continent. The reviewer, based in London, said he saw an instant response to mouse movements from his ThinkPad P1 laptop to complex models on a ThinkStation P920 Rack in Raleigh, North Carolina. A complimentary review was also published in AEC magazine citing TGX’s remote boost performance specifically on the Lenovo laptop.

According to Greg Corke, Managing Editor at Develop3D: “With Mechdyne’s TGX Remote Workstation software, it’s possible to remote into the workstation and use it as if it were a local machine, with full 3D acceleration. TGX Software works by compressing and sending the desktop pixels on the rack workstation to a receiver on the laptop where it is decoded and rendered.”

He said: “Getting connected is incredibly easy — simply download the TGX client, punch in the IP address, user and password and away you go.”

Due to worldwide work from home requirements, TGX, which is designed for graphics-intensive applications, is enabling a global community of users to continue important work that maintains the flow of information, entertainment, and education. It enables designers on everyday laptops to remote into powerful workstations and use them like a local machine, with full 3D acceleration for demanding workflows like ray trace rendering, real-time visualization, or simulation.

Originally designed for geoscience data review and collaboration in the oil/gas industry, use cases for TGX have broadened globally. Broadcast and major sports production companies are now generating new content more quickly and easily. A leading Canadian University allows students to continue studying in-demand video graphics and special effects design. Automotive and manufacturing designers and engineers continue their work on next-generation vehicles and new products using TGX. With TGX, large datasets that typical remote desktop software cannot manage are now easily accessible and shared collaboratively.

TGX delivers sharp, clear, and smooth imagery with coding and decoding algorithms that prevent pixilation. It provides accurate color fidelity and supports 4K resolutions and higher and consumes 30-50 percent less bandwidth compared to other remote desktop solutions. It uses SSL encryption to safeguard network traffic and is compatible with Windows, Macs and Linux operating systems.

Performance examples can be viewed here and on the Mechdyne website. A free trial version of TGX is available at

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