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“Watson Buys is Ranked Number 1 in Denver” – How Did We Do It?

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DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, September 15, 2020 / -- “It still feels surreal that we reached the top rank for the search term we buy houses, you know?” said Shaun, the CEO of Watson Buys. “Of course, as a local company, this is a search that must be performed while being in Denver. Our next goal is to rank for “we buy houses Denver,” therefore allowing out of state people to find us more easily.

We felt the excitement and enthusiasm in Shaun as he described how he felt with their company’s achievement.

Recently, Watson Buys ranked number 1 we buy houses company in Denver. Among the companies and real estate agents in Denver, they have managed to pave their way on top. So, how did they climb to the top?

We asked Shaun, the CEO of Watson Buys, a million-dollar question– how did your we buy houses company in Denver climb its way to the first rank?

Delightfully, he gave us five points to ponder– ambition, hard work, commitment, collaboration, and reliability.

“Our ambitions give us the motivation to go wherever we want to be and what we want to do. As for our company, we aim to become number 1 we buy houses company in Denver, and as we manifest it day by day, who would have thought we would really become the number 1!” Shaun shared their inspiration as a team of Watson Buys.

Ambition is the first step to reaching your goal. When you have a clear ambition, focus on it daily, and take each struggle and hurdles a motivation to pursue your dreams even more.

“With ambition and commitment, our team is gauged to achieve greatness. We do things with hard work– it takes a lot of effort, consistency, and countless struggles that we need to face to become successful.”

As they aimed to rank number 1 in Denver, they strategized with SEO. Shaun shared how they learned and implemented the strategy to give their we buy houses company a boost.

Learn and Implement Practical Real Estate SEO Strategy

The team of Watson Buys has spent a considerable amount of time learning the wonderful world and ways that Google ranks a business on their search engine. Some of the areas that they have known include:

On-Page SEO techniques which include:

1. Site speed development (kind of tricky when you don’t have a background in HTML and coding).
2. Tags and how to use them effectively.
3. Content Creation
4. Optimizing page crawl friendliness
5. Mobile phone friendliness

Off-Page SEO techniques:

1. Site preparation for link building
2. Content Creation to Drive Interest
3. Anchor text research and implementation

Looking back, Shaun knows how hard working they are with their team. They do not easily back down with hurdles. They can overcome every weakness. They strive hard do help their clients with their homes and financial difficulties.

“The thing with fighting your way to the top is to have the commitment and the heart to move on. No matter how you get knocked out, you have to get up, that’s how we basically did it with my team,” Shaun expressed his strength with his team at Watson Buys.

Business owners should accept the fact that not all competition will bring home the bacon. It is normal to have setbacks on your way to success, and Shaun and his team had a fair share of dilemmas on the way, but they did not give up on their ambition.

“In Watson Buys, we do not give out information easily. We do not want to sugarcoat our reviews or spread false information. It is our pleasure to help our clients with their inquiries through phone or website.”

We did not know that Watson Buys also a place full of informative articles about real estate! That’s quite impressive for others we buy houses companies.

“Being a realtor is a great profession. I hope our success would inspire you as it did to my team and me. We will strive hard to provide helpful insights not only to our dear customers but also to our co-realtors as well,” said Shaun before we parted.

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