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Regal Roofing creates learning guide for roofing in support of continuing education.

We want to give our prospective customers every tool possible to help them in making an educated decision about their roof”
— Paul Nolan, Regal Roofing CEO
ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, September 14, 2020 / -- Regal Roofing announced today that they have successfully launched a new “Learning Channel” on their Website. This new referential guide was designed for roofing experts and people new to roofing alike. “Our goal was to give our prospective customers, trainees, and anyone else a common roofing vocabulary so we all understand each other,” said Eric Broome, Operations Manager at Regal Roofing. The reference site will be cross utilized throughout the web pages on their Website, and will also pave the way for the upcoming roof designer tool, which will be released in coming days.

“All these developments are important because everyone digests information in different ways. Our roof inspectors do their best to deliver the level of information that a homeowner requires to make a decision. Some homeowners require only a roofer with a great reputation, and others are highly analytic and require a high degree of knowledge about specifications, building codes, and details about the project management process,” said CEO, Paul Nolan.

“We want to give our prospective customers every tool possible to help them in making an educated decision about their roof,” said Nolan.

The "Learning Channel" is supported by videos, diagrams, and informational tools created by the roofing manufacturers. It covers virtually all topics related to steep slope roofing. Everything from shingle roofs, to the underlayment, and roofing ventilation systems is covered at length.

“Some of this learning is really intended for the average homeowner, to help let them benefit from our experience, even if they aren't our customer or even in our area. I am not afraid to admit that we have learned some lessons the hard way, and we would rather spare someone that pain. We also get a lot of the same questions every week, so we know that there are people out there who simply don't know what they need to know in order to properly maintain their home and make the right decision about what contractors they hire. Hopefully, we can help close that knowledge gap,” said Broome. "It is perfectly fine to want to seek out knowledge like this, and we hope that no one feels like this material is ‘too technical’ or ‘over their head.’ I love it when customers ask me questions because it means that I'm talking to a homeowner who is concerned, engaged, and cares about the property and the project. In fact, when a customer has NO questions at all, it kind of worries me! This material is here to help people who either need a question answered before they decide that it's time to call us, or who live outside our service area and just need some impartial advice,” said Broome.

The roofing industry in and around the Atlanta area suffers from a lack of professional licensing and state-mandated specifications that are required in states such as Florida and Colorado. Sometimes referred to as the “wild west of roofing,” Atlanta roofing contractors are able to get away with improperly installing roofs because roof inspections are not performed by most municipalities, and homeowners as well as building owners do not have the roofing education they need to confirm proper roof installation procedures, methods, materials and requirements with their roofing contractor.

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