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LA-Based Startup Harnesses AI to “Match” You With the Right Jobs

Anyway, conventional workplace structures are not helping people become better.

We say change is the only constant, yet, in workplaces, change is frowned upon.

Why support of players like you?

You need to understand employees' passions, leanings, and strengths and use them most efficiently for the benefit of your organization.

 If organizations give the reigns of their employees' faith in their own hands, the employees will prosper and bring their organizations to the forefront with them.

We have tried the conventional plan for the longest time; it is time to try the democratized workplace for a change. Give change a chance.

AI Finds The Job You'll Love

People work better when they know what the goal is and why. It is important that people enjoy working.”
— Elon Musk

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, September 14, 2020 / -- By Joshua Solomon

It isn't unusual to feel bored or unsatisfied on a Monday morning - anticipating emails while dreading looming deadlines and endless meetings. However, the real problem is when you start feeling burnt out and frustrated every day.

If you find yourself getting overjoyed at the thought of leaving work early, it's time to step back and look for an alternative. While most think the option is quitting, there might be something deeper at play here. The sense of unfulfillment stems from the ability not to find work meaningful and rewarding. It's not easy to stay motivated with something that doesn't inspire you.

A vibrant group of professionals in LA are leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to run a job search portal like no other. Rookieplay aims to help job seekers find jobs that add meaning to their lives and ignite a sense of passion. So, say goodbye to those unfulfilling jobs that don't excite you.

Featuring 2020’s Job Matchmaker
Thanks to peer pressure and anxiety, most graduates prefer to start their careers with a conventional profile. Yet little do we realize that finding the right job needs an open mind. A dream role may not always fit with the rapidly evolving job titles. Take a moment and ponder on all the new roles that have emerged in the last decade - social media marketer, blogger, podcaster, etc. These were merely hobbies before the big digital revolution.
Rookieplay’s Job Matchmaker is a web service that intends to assist job seekers in finding apt opportunities quickly. At its core, the service is a job recommendation system that uses a resume or cover letter as the primary input. Further document scanning picks up keywords, which are then matched with job descriptions to find the closest matches.
An additional layer of user's preferences in the form of simple questions helps to understand the user's career goals better. Harnessing the power of advanced AI technology, Rookieplay's mission is to open up new career paths that are relevant to a person's hobbies or passions.

Do What You Love and Love What You Do
Even before the COVID - 19 outbreak, workplaces had moved from cubicles and corner offices to bedrooms and beaches. Tech giants like Twitter and Facebook made headlines when they encouraged employees to work from home. Little did we know then, working from home would be the norm soon.

The pandemic has seen more and more people shifting their work stations. The crisis has also led many to seek clarity and purpose in their professional life. Rightfully so, when the world outside is crashing, reflecting inwards is a natural tendency. Rookieplay is tapping on this unprecedented opportunity to look at jobs as something to enjoy and look forward to.

Presenting a Career Switch Like Never Before
You no longer have to be bound to whatever job you started with. You don't have to limit your job alternatives based on past choices. With Rookieplay’s Job Matchmaker, you have access to job opportunities that can add value and meaning to your life.
Interestingly, Rookieplay's unique proposition has gained the attention of 5,000 users in its very first month. There is no cost for listing, and users only pay when there is a match. At a profoundly fundamental level, Rookieplay is just a highly personalized job feed that matches you with exciting and meaningful roles.

We spend more than a quarter of everyday working. Consequently, to be genuinely productive and satisfied, we need to feel connected with the work we do. For a long time now, we have been in a state of inertia, following the traditional path planned out for us; but as times change (for the better), shouldn't we venture out new possibilities as well? Give Rookieplay a shot, and receive a valuable influx of career ideas that you never considered.

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