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REAP Analytics: "’s "Female Dating Strategy” is a Breeding Ground for Female Supremacists"

REAP Analytic's suite of cutting-edge tools unambiguously demonstrates that “Female Dating Strategy is an online breeding ground for Female Supremacists."

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, September 12, 2020 / -- REAP Analytics is a nimble, distributed Team entirely funded through Donations and Sponsorships. REAP’s official mission statement is to “Track, Observe, Analyze and Report” Female Supremacy online.

“We want to make it absolutely clear that what we are tracking and reporting is not Feminism, which can be quite refined and rich in nuances. We Seek and Report Hate Speech and Eugenism, Hatred based on Identity, calls to abort Male Babies only, calls for Violence against Men, Transgender Persons, Male children and Male Babies. ”

Lukas Merville, REAP Founder and CTO, has designed a simple algorithm which his team affectionately baptised post-hoc “Brother Eye”. Brother Eye scans and logs objectionable content posted online. For the time being, Brother Eye scans exclusively and more specifically “Female Dating Strategy”, a community which offers dating advice to Women.

“Female Dating Strategy is a vivid example of how easily smart, highly educated social media users can be radicalized unbeknownst to them.”

The data REAP has collected should raise a few eyebrows. The Female Dating Strategy community promotes the view that women are superior in all aspects, the necessity of Eugenism, that killing men is a Duty, that 99% of men are No Value Males (NVM) or Low-Value Males (LVM) and that aborting male babies, and male babies only is desirable.

“What we have seen in this community is clearly a breach of Reddit’s own content rules. Are these views Reddit supports? Reddit Leadership should be livid. Is an inclusive space as we have been led to believe or was it only PR?”

Lukas continues with a few examples:

“User mm188 states: “We must eliminate men from the gene pool on a global level.””

“User Orphanedpinkpetals claims: “Anyone who doesn’t have a XX is disabled.””

“User 7_of_9 urges to “Abort males immediately.””

“User _pecanpie_ calls to “Castrate All Men.””

“User Fim_de_semana claims: “Carrying a child means carrying a piece of a man, and men are disgusting.””

“User Chateauduchat states that “NVM (No Value Males) and LVM (Low Value Males) probably make up 99% of the population.””

“Saturnsloverr writes that “99% of men are LV (Low-Value) not HV (High-Value).””

“User An0nny is adamant that “99.9% of Men are Monsters.””

REAP’s suite of analysis tools unambiguously demonstrates that “Female Dating Strategy is an online breeding ground for Female Supremacists. Unsuspecting Women are onboarded by radicalized moderators and their trip down the rabbit hole of Hatred and Nihilism begins immediately, as the Supremacist Mindset is baked in the Rules published by the moderators themselves, and is constantly reinforced and rewarded by the behavior of other radicalized users. There are those who refuse to be radicalized: they are labeled "self-hating women" and “pickmeishas.”

“How is radicalizing Women with a Supremacist mindset compatible with Female Dating Strategy’s official mission statement which is to provide dating advice?”

Lukas explains that REAP has also logged numerous instances of “Kill All Men”, a not so subtle call to action and reference to Valeria Solanas’ infamous SCUM Manifesto, which is mandatory reading material on certain Universities in the United States:

“This joke - Kill All Men - is a thin veil of humour coating something dark and profoundly primal and brutal, which we collectively refuse to acknowledge, perhaps because it is "only" women joking.”

So what is the solution? REAP Analytics has a few answers.

“On the basis of the evidence that we have been able to collect so far, and it’s extensive, we know today that there is strong bias in Reddit’s enforcement of its own content rules. REAP recommends making people far more accountable for what they say online. Force KYC (Know Your Customer) in high-risk subreddits, such as Female Dating Strategy or Pink Pill Feminism, another community that we monitor. Automate content rules site-wide, don’t just leave it to humans to decide whether or not they will enforce these rules: we know that the Female Supremacist mindset thrives through actions and omissions. Implement GPT2 or GPT3 to quickly detect and mitigate the risk of radicalization. These are not expensive solutions, and they can be implemented very quickly if there is a will to do so”

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