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Ghostflix lets you take ghost tours in over 20 cities from home

virtual ghost tour - ghostflix - gettsburg - civil war ghosts

Clinton in Gettysburg, PA. Courtesy of Civil War Ghosts

virtual ghost tour - ghostflix

Lily in Boston, MA. Courtesy of Boston Ghosts

virtual ghost tour - ghostflix - new york - NYC ghosts

John in New York. Courtesy of New York City Ghosts

US Ghost Adventures, a national ghost tour, and entertainment operator, invite homebound guests to experience ghost tours from the comfort of home.

WILLIAMSBURG, VA, UNITED STATES, September 8, 2020 / -- This Halloween season, sit back, eat some snacks, and enjoy both live streamings and pre-recorded guided ghost tours at home with GhostFlix, a streaming platform that lets viewers join tour guides through the streets of 25 cities across the US while listening to their eerie ghost stories and haunted histories. Social distancing has never been more fun, and viewers no longer have to travel across the country to experience their favorite haunted destinations.

Exploring a city through ghost stories shared by locals is a great way to uncover its hidden culture and storied past. From the River Monster of Gatlinburg to the Head Boiler of San Antonio, ghost tours answer the first question you should ask in any new town you visit: Is it haunted? Ghostflix experiences last a little over one hour.

Guests can type questions and hear answers from passionate local guides who lead the in-person tours, or experience past ghost tours in the city of their choice on demand. Shows start at $13 for past recordings, or $15 for Live Events.

Enjoy an hour-long tour of New Orleans, as a professional guide walks you through the streets to 8 haunted historic locations around the Crescent City from the comfort of your own home, or the eerie streets of Salem, Massachusetts, where you’ll hear stories of the witch trials and hauntings. Setting off at dusk, the spooky, fact-filled fun tours have been a hit with homebound viewers.

The guide switches between telling stories about the haunted locations to the camera and showing you the buildings and places that are haunted in big cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, or more quaint attractions like St. Augustine, Gettysburg, and Asheville. Tour guide Hannah reported; “Having guests on GhostFlix is great, and the tours are always better with more people, we get great Q&A interactions from the guests.”
To sign up and see a list of destinations, visit

“Incredible knowledge of the history of NYC. Excellent delivery.” – Ed

“My family thoroughly enjoyed your virtual Ghost Tour of Boston with Boston Ghosts. Our guide Lily was very engaging and personable, it felt like we were really there! Thanks for a great time and we look forward to checking out the other cities you tour.” – Daniel

COVID-19 decimated the tourism industry, and tours throughout the world have been limited or halted due to restrictions. GhostFlix presents an opportunity for people to take ghost tours from anywhere, either live or on-demand.

US Ghost Adventures saw a big drop-off in attendance after the COVID-19 shutdown took effect. Running 25 tours in cities across America, dozens of tour guides and customers were impacted. School groups canceled trips and were refunded. The travel and tour season was lost.

US Ghost Adventures launched GhostFlix as a safe way for people to take ghost tours of cities across America during COVID-19, and as a way to allow people to experience ghost tours without traveling to a destination.

GhostFlix allows people to experience a ghost tour wherever they are, and from the comfort of their own homes. Kristen Pollock, US Ghost Adventures operations manager commented: “It’s been really successful, it’s a great experience for the guests on GhostFlix. They can be at home, snacking or doing whatever they want and they still get to hear our scary stories and see the historic places that are haunted, and maybe even see a ghost!"

About US Ghost Adventures
The national ghost tour and entertainment operator started on the East Coast. They offer nightly in-person tours in over 20 cities across the United States. Tours are open in most cities, with safety measures in place. With a focus on history and hauntings, the in-person tours are popular with destination visitors as well as locals, families, private groups, and education groups. From Salem, and its witch trials to Greenwich Village, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Seattle, you are never far from a US Ghost Adventures experience.

Ghost Story Voice App: Ask Alexa or Google for a ghost story
The US Ghost Adventures Voice App enables people to hear ghost stories from any device equipped with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. The app delivers over 100 voice actor-narrated ghost stories from over 20 cities.

Just Say:
Google Assistant: “Hey Google, talk to Ghost Adventures”
Amazon Alexa: “Alexa, Open Ghost Adventures”

Lily: Host a Ghost
Staff at US Ghost Adventures were sent a haunted doll by someone who contacted the team following a blog post on haunted dolls, complaining that it moved on its own and turned lights off and on. After videos captured it moving on its own and research behind the doll, demand grew for people to host Lily at home. Thus was born a Halloween season tradition used to scare friends and family, or to ward off other ghosts around Halloween. This year everyone can use Lily in their home: on a porch, by a nightlight, or put her on a shelf.
Order Lily in time for Halloween!

Junket: GPS Guided Audio Ghost Tours
US Ghosts Adventures tours are now on Junket, available on iOS and Android devices. Junket is a virtual experience platform that lets guests take GPS guided narrated tours, turning your phone into your personal tour guide. This allows people to take a tour when they want, how they want, with whom they want. They can also explore the haunted locations from the comfort of their own homes.

Kristen Pollock, Operations Manager | | 407.757.7673

Kristen Pollock
US Ghost Adventures
+1 407 7577673
email us here
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