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Retro “Renaissance Man” Herbie J Pilato Inspires All Generations

Herbie J Pilato's classic TV talk show streaming on Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime UK

"Then Again with Herbie J Pilato" is now streaming on Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime UK

Herbie J Pilato does it all

Writer/performer Herbie J Pilato

Herbie J Pilato's MARY biography


Herbie J Pilato’s special brand of uplifting entertainment is a breath of fresh air across an at times all-too frequent dark and dingy pop-culture landscape.

Herbie is a renaissance man…a human Encyclopedia Britannica...and a heck of a writer and interviewer. He’s eager, always interested, highly skilled, and a good guy.”
— Joel Eisenberg, executive producer, THEN AGAIN WITH HERBIE J PILATO

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 22, 2020 / -- On screen, behind the camera, or in print, writer, producer, actor, TV personality, and musical performer Herbie J Pilato’s special brand of uplifting entertainment is a breath of fresh air across an at times all-too frequent dark and dingy pop-culture landscape.

Pilato is the host of THEN AGAIN WITH HERBIE J PILATO, a classic TV talk show now streaming on Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime UK, which he executive produces with Joel Eisenberg and Steve Hillard of Council Tree Productions.

Herbie J (no “period” after the “J”) is the author of a lengthy list of critically-acclaimed, dignified celebrity-geared nonfiction tomes, including MARY: THE MARY TYLER MOORE STORY, and TWITCH UPON A STAR: THE BEWITCHED LIFE AND CAREER OF ELIZABETH MONTGOMERY.

A popular staple at various live events, he presents TV & Self-Esteem Seminars at bookstores, schools, colleges, business facilities, and senior and community centers across the country.

The multi-hyphenate has been interviewed by everyone from CNN and Bravo TV to "The Los Angeles Times" and "The National Enquirer."

His articles and essays are consistently published by prestigious media outlets such as the (owned and operated by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences) and Larry Brody’s, and across all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

An accomplished singer, songwriter and dancer, Pilato’s first musical CD, titled, TWO, showcases what he describes as “retro-pop sounds.” The tunes of TWO, available on Spotify and through his official website, www.HerbieJPilato,” harken back to the 1960'Loss and ‘70s with a contemporary beat.

Into this multi-media mix, Pilato’s various self-made videos display his penchant for positive thinking and his ability to cut a mean rug on the dance floor with zest, jest, and nothing but utter joy and enthusiasm.

A vast array of movie stars, TV icons, entertainment professionals, colleagues and fans from all good walks of life are proud to call him friend, none the least of whom is Eisenberg.

“Herbie is a renaissance man…in essence, a human Encyclopedia Britannica when it comes to classic TV, and a heck of a writer and interviewer. I have been privileged to executive produce his show. He’s eager, always interested, highly skilled, and a good guy.”

Will Givens is the Vice President of Network Marketing at Weigel Broadcasting, which operates classic TV-geared networks like ME-TV and Decades. Says Givens: “Herbie is the ultimate TV-fan-turned-authority on pop culture and classic American television. His knowledge, and dedication to the medium is inspirational and impressive. Herbie has earned the respect and admiration of many for all he has created.”

“His passion for television and media is undeniable,” adds Tom Hill, Creative Director of also-nostalgic-guided COZI-TV network, “…as is his positive attitude and boundless energy.”

Elizabeth Yost, Senior Vice President of Development at Crown Media Family Networks, describes Pilato as “a talented and versatile writer, producer, consultant and on-screen/live-event personality. He’s driven, confident and creatively collaborative. “

Frank Balkin, Partner/Head of Television at Worldwide Production Agency (WPA), agrees. “Herbie J is a first-rate professional. He has a tremendous work ethic and a fantastic collaborative approach.”

Diane Sands had the opportunity to work with Pilato when she served as the Community Relations Manager for the Barnes & Noble Bookstore in Burbank, California where he hosted Throwback Thursday live-events that ultimately led to his talk show. “Not only did Herbie J's events bring a stream of new and expanded visitors to our bookstore,” says Sands, “…but the events were so popular that we continued them for another five months, and a TV show was born.”

“Articulate, charismatic, incredibly well-informed,” Sands continues, “Herbie J is at ease in the spotlight. His well-written and respectfully told books chronicling the lives of some of our favorite TV icons are always beautifully presented and absent of industry gossip.”

Adriene “Alex” Davis, Ed.D, is the Assistant Vice Chancellor of EWD, and the Executive Director of the LA/OC Regional Consortium of 28 community colleges. In 2017, Davis hired Pilato as one of the speakers for the Career Technical Education Spring Symposium at Los Angeles City College. “Herbie J brought a unique lens for our students in the Art, Media, and Entertainment programs who have been forever-changed by his expertise.”

According to CNN veteran Bella Shaw, Pilato, with his work, “…masterfully weaves meticulous research and colorful anecdotes, allowing us to nostalgically relive TV’s Golden Age, an era that promoted simple family values that ultimately made us feel safe and secure in a turbulent world. Herbie is a pro in what he knows and he knows a lot”!

Jim Smith, in Business development at Tystar Corporation, has known Pilato for years as a fellow parishioner of St. Pancratius Church in Lakewood, California. “He is a kind and gracious friend who always tries to do whatever he can for our community. And he recently brought it up a notch and began volunteering with our Homeless Ministry to help feed and clothe the homeless of Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles. That's now two worthy communities that I know of who have a strong friend, associate, and advocate in Herbie. And I'm sure that there are countless more.”

Namely, Melissa Byers, producer for Digital Content for the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, has also known - and worked - with Pilato for years. “Herbie is personable and kind…and one of the hardest working people I know,” she says.

Actress, advocate, and fellow-motivational speaker Eileen Grubba, who Pilato recently profiled in an article at, sums it up this way:

"Herbie J Pilato is an extremely skilled individual with the compassion, insights, and wisdom to ask the right questions. He finds the stories that matter and dives deep. He is an exceptional human being who is making a positive impact in our world. He cares about the people and stories that make a difference. He is not blinded by things that do not matter. He is willing to roll his sleeves up and do the work to support important movements that elevate humanity."

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Herbie J Pilato talks about his book, Mary: The Mary Tyler Moore Story