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CureMetrix and Ambra Health Collaborate to Deliver Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Accelerate Breast Imaging Excellence

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CureMetrix AI and Ambra Health’s Cloud PACS solutions support radiology practices with better workflow management and improved cancer detection

Partnering with CureMetrix extends access for our customers to AI-based innovations that improve workflows in breast imaging for radiologists, hospitals, imaging centers and the patients they serve.”
— Andrew Duckworth, VP of Business Development, Ambra Health
LA JOLLA, CA, USA, August 27, 2020 / -- CureMetrix, a global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) for medical imaging, today announced a collaboration with Ambra Health, makers of the leading cloud-based, medical image management suite. The collaboration includes CureMetrix solutions cmTriage™ and cmAssist® to augment the Ambra Health suite of services.

cmTriage is the first FDA-cleared AI-based triage solution for mammography in the U.S. It helps radiologists triage, sort and prioritize mammography worklists based on suspicious cases that may need immediate attention. Studies have shown that with cmTriage, radiologists can realize up to a 30% reduction in mammography reading time, while supporting the overall practice to streamline workload.

Ambra Health’s best-in-class medical image management suite is used by the world’s leading medical facilities. Ambra Suite consolidates multiple imaging systems with one flexible, customizable, and interoperable cloud platform that lets providers access imaging securely anytime, anywhere. Once imaging has been freed from departmental silos, CDs, and complex VPN networks, the utilization of data for academic research, AI and machine learning initiatives, and improved interoperability become a reality. Through its Solution Directory, Ambra has established a network of innovative imaging partners like CureMetrix, which allows providers to launch leading imaging AI and analysis tools seamlessly from the Ambra platform.

CureMetrix is also conducting studies across the globe to expand its AI solutions to help identify, mark and score anomalies in breast cancer screening. In studies published in the Journal of Digital Imaging, CureMetrix cmAssist AI-CAD was able to demonstrate the ability to reduce false positives by 69% over traditional CAD and help radiologists improve their breast cancer detection rate on average 27%, without increasing recall rates.

“We work with healthcare providers of all sizes to improve medical imaging processes and workflows through technology innovation," said Andrew Duckworth, VP of Business Development at Ambra Health. “Partnering with CureMetrix extends access for our customers to AI-based innovations that improve workflows in breast imaging for radiologists, hospital systems, radiology centers, and the patients they serve.”

“Breast cancer detection is complex, and to navigate that complexity radiologists need data-driven information and the most innovative tools to make better clinical decisions,” said Kevin Harris, president of CureMetrix. “With their focus on delivering better care through better technology, joining forces with Ambra Health is a great example of how partnering with innovators helps make healthcare excellence a reality.”

About Ambra Health
Ambra Health is a medical data and image management SaaS company. Intuitive, flexible, scalable and highly interoperable, the Ambra cloud platform is designed to serve as the backbone of imaging innovation and progress for healthcare providers. It empowers some of the largest health systems such as Memorial Hermann, Johns Hopkins Medicine, UC San Diego and New York Presbyterian, as well as radiology practices, subspecialty practices, and life sciences organizations to dramatically improve imaging and collaborative care workflows. As expert partners, we listen to our customers, understand their needs, and apply our extensive knowledge to deliver innovative medical image management solutions for the future of healthcare, now. Discover what the Ambra medical imaging cloud can do for you at

About CureMetrix
Delivering CAD that Works®, CureMetrix is a global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) for medical imaging, committed to the advancement of technology that improves cancer survival rates worldwide. CureMetrix supports the radiologist to dramatically improve the accuracy of detection and classification of anomalies in mammography. Our mission is to save lives and support better clinical and financial outcomes.

To learn more about CureMetrix results published in the Journal of Digital Imaging, visit CureMetrix publications

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