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Gazprom Neft’s Board of Directors assesses the economic impact of the company’s digital transformation

The Gazprom Neft Board of Directors has produced a summary outlining the results of the first year of the company’s digital transformation strategy — new technologies and changes in business processes having delivered a RUB7.2-billion economic benefit to the company, as well as improving operational performance.

More than 150 new digital initiatives and 10 digital transformation programmes were launched by Gazprom Neft in 2019. Thanks to the “Digital Oil” project, in particular, the company achieved additional oil inflows at its Vyngapurovskoye field by using artificial intelligence (AI) to measure hidden oil reservoirs. A pilot project on optimising production under the “Assets of the Future” programme delivered an economic benefit of RUB1.2 billion. Under Gazprom Neft’s current strategy, digital transformation is, by 2025, expected to optimise lead-times in achieving “first oil” at fields, reduce geological exploration costs and lead-times by 30%, and speed-up the implementation of major oil and gas production projects by 40%.

The company’s digital transformation strategy also covers Gazprom Neft’s entire logistics, processing and sales chain, with the company using new digital systems to manage oil transportation from Arctic fields, develop digital-engineering plant simulations, use mathematical algorithms to put in place integrated scheduling throughout the entire supply chain, and manage the quality and quantity of oil products at every stage (from production to delivery to end-users), through the its Neftekontrol system. An integrated and cohesive digital environment means efficiency in managing refineries, as well as processing and sales, can be handled as a single process, giving Gazprom Neft flexibility in adapting production in line with changing demand and producing the right petroleum products, in the right volumes, as required by the market.