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Study Shows Dramatic Impact of COVID-19 on Mental Health

Brad Rex, President & CEO, eHome Counseling Group

Brad Rex, President & CEO, eHome Counseling Group

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Covid-19 Impact on Mental Health

Covid-19 Impact on Mental Health

eHome Counseling Group Data Shows Significant Increase in Depression, PTSD and Substance Abuse

Mental distress significantly increased after the pandemic. The combined impacts of COVID-19 physical sickness, death, financial hardship, & individual isolation likely play a role in these increases.”
— Brad Rex, President & CEO, eHome Counseling Group
ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 11, 2020 / -- For Immediate Release
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Orlando, FL – August 11, 2020 – eHome Counseling Group, a metrics-based, virtual counseling company, released an analysis examining the changes in mental health before and after the pandemic. The results show mental distress significantly increased after the pandemic. The combined impacts of COVID-19 physical sickness, death, financial hardship, and individual isolation likely play a role in these increases, which have major implications for employers, insurance companies and government agencies.

eHome Counseling Group is an established leader in video counseling services, particularly for complex conditions. eHome uses metrics-based treatment to rapidly diagnose mental health issues and track improvement. Through the Deep Mind Insight™ program, clients receive an online assessment that quantitatively measures anxiety, depression, PTSD, substance use disorder and other conditions.

Brad Rex, President and CEO of eHome Counseling Group, states, “With our assessment progress, we have been able to measure the psychological impact of COVID-19. We have been surprised by the increase in severity for multiple conditions, which are often missed and more difficult to treat. More people are seeking help and they have more severe issues.”

Danielle Atkins, PhD, a health services researcher, conducted the analysis. “Using the eHome database, we compared intake assessments for March through June of last year to the same period this year.” The findings show the percentage of clients with moderate or severe scores increased:

33% increase for depression
27% increase for anxiety
88% increase for PTSD
39% increase for drug use
16% increase for alcohol use
15% increase for suicidality

In addition, there were significant increases in co-occurring conditions, particularly depression and anxiety combined with PTSD.

While the physical impact of COVID-19 is reported daily through case counts and deaths, and the financial impact is evidenced by layoffs and bankruptcies, the psychological toll is often hidden. Yet these statistics show the unseen toll of the pandemic. Business and community leaders should plan for these dramatic increases in mental health conditions by ensuring greater accessibility to high quality, virtual counseling by licensed clinicians.

Rex concludes, “The good news is that we can provide care conveniently and confidentially to anyone in need anywhere through metrics-based video counseling. Mental health conditions are similar to physical health conditions—the sooner you identify an issue and get care, the less impactful and the better the outcome. I encourage anyone who is struggling and concerned about their mental health to contact us for an assessment and treatment. You and your loved ones will be glad you did.”

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