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Warmilu and VIA Global Health Partner to Save More Infant Lives

Breaking News: Warmilu & VIA Global Health partnership brings life-saving warmth to babies born in over 60 countries throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

ANN ARBOR, MI, UNITED STATES, August 12, 2020 / -- Last year, all the incubators at the National Institute of Child Health in Karachi, Pakistan were occupied when Joey*, a preterm baby, was transferred for treatment. The long trip left him cold and in dire need of warmth.

In the five minutes it takes to read this article, 10 infants will have died from hypothermia worldwide. Hypothermia is common in under-resourced countries, where over 1 million infant deaths are caused by preterm birth complications and associated hypothermia. Self-warming blankets from Warmilu can save these babies.

“The Warmilu IncuBlanket probably saved Joey’s life,” affirmed Ibrahim Shamsi, on-site manager for The Zona Pakistan Project.

Infants thermostabilized by Warmilu blankets are more likely to survive, and now they will reach more babies in need. A new agreement between Warmilu and VIA Global Health promises to bring life-saving warmth to hundreds of thousands of babies like Joey worldwide. The global distribution partnership will promote Warmilu’s medical products on VIA Global Health’s world-class e-commerce procurement platform.

Now, Warmilu can warm infants in over 60 new countries throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America. This expands beyond Warmilu’s previous reach of 8,500 infants served by 35 hospitals in 15 countries.

Noah Perin, CEO of VIA Global Health, described how the company’s unmatched capability in distribution and logistics to underserved communities aligns with Warmilu’s proprietary, electricity-free warming technology.

“We are excited to be working with Warmilu and broadening the impact of their innovative technology. This partnership will deliver infant warming blankets and packs to our customers who need affordable and cost-effective solutions in under-resourced communities,” he said.

VIA Global Health’s sales and distribution network was recognized and recently received funding support by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. To date, VIA has positively impacted over 1.5 million patient lives. Warmilu’s partnerships with P&G, Doctors Without Borders, and Rotary Club over the past seven years have enabled the company to scale production.

“This distribution arrangement with VIA allows us to tackle our most critical issue: access. Eighty-five percent of children in resource-poor hospitals around the world have hypothermia. VIA helps us access children in four times as many countries,” said Fred Brown, Warmilu board member since 2012.

Warmilu is a company to watch as an infant warming innovator, according to Frost and Sullivan’s 2019 Neonatal Care Device Market Report.

“The materials used to make these [Warmilu] devices remain at a steady temperature and do not require electricity to work, making it ideal for remote settings or in displaced communities. This is a potential game-changing strategy,” said the report’s authors.

Mulago Hospital in Uganda reports success warming 100 infants this year with Warmilu incubator blankets. Clinicians had previously reported frequent infant hypothermia. Mulago Hospital is the largest public hospital and serves as a teaching facility for Makerere University College of Health Sciences, Uganda’s oldest university.

Dr. Anita Muhumuza at Mulago Hospital was able to safely transport Peter*, a 600-gram baby, from point of delivery to the NICU. “The baby’s internal temperature was maintained with Warmilu’s blanket. On arrival at the NICU, Peter had a [normal] temperature of 37 degrees centigrade,” she said.

“VIA Global Health has the reputation and reach we seek to expand both of our organizations’ impact. Together, we can spread warmth and save more lives through hundreds of additional verified medical device distributors,” said Grace Hsia, co-founder and CEO of Warmilu. Babies like Joey and Peter will have a better chance of survival with the VIA and Warmilu partnership.

*All baby names have been changed for anonymity and to protect patient privacy.

About VIA Global Health
VIA Global Health was founded to deliver universal access to critical medical products, information, services, and lifesaving medical equipment to underserved communities in over 60 different countries and have developed a growing network of customers representing or serving public, private, and non-government and faith-based organizations.

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Warmilu is a global manufacturer of non-electric warming technology for medical heating and pain management. Their technology generates instant warmth that lasts for hours. Warmilu warms infants with partners including Rotary Club, Doctors Without Borders, VIA Global Health, P&G, Hillman Accelerator, University of Michigan, NEST360°, Fleece and Thank You, and others.

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