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An Injury Is An Opportunity


Take this opportunity to educate yourself about your body and put it into practice. ”
— Sean O'Neill, Founder Portland Posture Clinic
PORTLAND, OREGON, USA, August 14, 2020 / -- An injury or trauma can bump us off course. It can derail our current objectives. New pain and inconvenience distract us from our routines and habits. An injury is an obstacle. But an injury is also an opportunity. Accidents happen and we don’t control what happens. However, we do control how we react to what happens. We may not have intended to fuss about with our body mechanics or establish a new workout routine (or establish one at all). Nevertheless, an injury is a pivotal moment in life. When left unaddressed, it will alter our functional mechanics, and compound into more injuries; render us in chronic pain, causing movement to be laborious.

Alternatively, if we frame our new physical circumstance as a chance to learn about our body and address what led to the injury or is impeding our rehabilitation, we are forgoing a chance to improve our quality of life.

At we use The Egoscue Method to re-establish the functional mechanics of the musculoskeletal system. An injury can disturb our intended movement patterns, or a disturbance in these functional patterns can lead to an injury, or mysterious aches and pains (like low back pain). By addressing the body’s posture as a unit, we can re-learn, remind, and stabilize our body to function with ease and move without pain.

Portland Posture Clinic offers a FREE ONLINE POSTURE ASSESSMENT. By sending a set of four pictures, we quickly analyze your posture and determine a personalized menu of corrective exercises with detailed instructions that will address your current postural circumstance. Whether you struggle with low back pain, chronic neck pain, upper back discomfort, recurring ankle injuries, sore knees, tinnitus, carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, shoulder impingement, hip dysplasia, tibial torsion, bunions, corns, bone spurs, arthritis, bursitis, shin splints, or headaches, addressing your posture alignment can provide both sudden and lasting relief. Take this opportunity to educate yourself about your body and put it into practice.


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